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June 16, 1986 Table of Contents

—Voices from the Sensible Center—

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

Inside This Issue

1 Policy, Will the Israelis invade Syria this summer? If they do, will the Soviets come to Syria's aid? What will the American response be? Robert Hazo tackles these and other questions in his penetrating analysis of a possible Israeli-Syrian conflict.

2Editorial, An Iranian victory in their five and a half year old war against Iraq could spell nightmare for Americans as well as Arabs.

4Update on Congress, Nine years ago Senator Steve Symms tried to sell wheat grown by his Idaho constituents to Libya. It might cost him his Senate seat this year.

5Media, Though some U.S. officials have tried to keep the book closed on the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty 19years ago this month, there are signs that more and more Americans are becoming increasingly eager to hear the real story.

6Trade and Finance, Depicted just a few years ago as the future "breadbasket of the Middle East," Sudan today is entering a period of hard times, mounting debts and diminishing expectations.

7Lobbies & Activists, ADC has vowed to keep the heat on Haagen Dazs Chairman Reuben Mattus until he repudiates his support for the Jewish Defense League. AIPAC may not have lobbied officially against the Saudi arms sale, but, reports Andrea Barron, other elements of the American Jewish community did.

7Commentary, We've got a message for the JDL, AIPAC and our readers: We won't quit.

8Personality, Meet Mitch Kaidy of Rochester, N.Y.: a good man to have on your side in any kind of battle.

9Book Review, Although our reviewer, Robert Hazo, found Meron Benvenisti's new personal-political memoir Conflicts and Contradictions short on answers to the Arab-Israeli dilemma, he thinks readers will gain a deeper understanding of the paradoxes of Middle East politics.

13Words to Remember (On the Saudi Arms sale)

14 A Chronology of U.S.-Mideast Relations