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June 1989 Table of Contents

—Voices from the Sensible Center—

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

Inside This Issue

3 Lebanon: What the US Can and Can't DoRichard Curtiss

5 Lebanon's Past CenturyMary Barrett

6 We Are All Good LebaneseHala Maksoud

7 Lebanon's Agony: Muslim and Christian Views
Prime Minister Selim Al-Hoss
Ambassador Abdallah Bouhabib

8 Is Lebanon's Agony America's Problem?
George Moses
Peter Tanous
James Zogby

10 US and Lebanon
George Thompson
Allan Brownfeld

11 Policy: Bush Indulges Spoiled ShamirRachelle Marshall

12 What They Said: Arafat Says Yes to Mr. No

14 Congress: New Hurdles for PLO

15 Rafsanjani Faces Crucial StruggleBahram Alavi

16 USS Liberty AnniversaryJames M. Ennes, Jr.

17 Commentary: Is Israel Losing the Intifadah?Andrew I. Kilgore

17 Terrorism: Sikrikim on the LooseEmile Siman

18 Jerusalem Journal: Israeli Debt—Frank Collins

19 Personality: Dr. Israel ShahakRichard H. Curtiss

20 Human Rights: Amnesty Adopts Israeli PrisonersSally Nyhan

21 Institutionalized Secrecy: Israeli Concentration CampsMitchell Kaidy

22 The Other Side of the Coin: Rosenthal of the Times—Alfred M. Lilienthal

23 Trade and Finance—John T. Haldane

24 Facts For Your File: Chronology of Mideast Events

25 California Chronicle: LA Eight UpdatePat McDonnell Twair

27 Light of Jordan

30 Letters to the Editors

32 Other People's Mail

34 Religion and the Middle EastThe Rev. L. Humphrey Walz

35 Jews and IsraelAndrea Barron

35 Arabs and IslamCatherine Willford

37 Education: A World of Difference—Audrey Shabbas

38 Seeing the Light: Being There is Being No Longer Able to ExplainParker L. Payson

38 Book Reviews: Anti-Zionism, Price of Empire

48 From the Hebrew Press: Massacre at Nahalin

49 TIE Exchange

50 Touching the HeartLewis K. Elbinger