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October 1989 Table of Contents

—Voices from the Sensible Center—

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East


5 "Days of Rage" on PBS

12 The Drug Triangle: Colombia-US-Israel

Israel and Palestine

9 Taxes as Weapons of War

10 US Labor Group Visits Occupied Territories

13 An American Between Israeli Troops and a Child

14 Should Arafat Get a US Visa?-Three Views

Iran, Lebanon and Hostages

16 Hostage Crisis: Words to Remember

17 An Israeli Diversion That Failed

18 What Should the US Do in Iran?-Two Views

US Congress

19 Pro-Israel Groups Target US-PLO Talks

20 Congress Reconvenes

21 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


4 Letters to the Editor

22 Human Rights

23 Media: "The Israeli Way"

24 Public Opinion

25 Personality: Ellen Odeh Nassab

26 Seeing the Light

27 Religion

28 Arab-American Activism

29 Islam in America

29 Jews and Israel

30 Other Voices: Israeli Settlers; Syria on the Wane?

37 Chronology of US-Mideast Relations

38 Education

39 Trade and Finance

40 Other Peoples' Mail

42 Issues in the News

46 Book Reviews

47 Theater: Kufur Shamma

48 AET Book Club Catalog

56 Archeology

57 Bulletin Board

58 Publishers' Page