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June 1992 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The United States, Israel and the Intifada

7 In House Probe of Reagan, Bush, Saddam Ties, Where's the Beef?

9 The New "Democratic Israel" Party

11 Who Started the Six-Day War on June 5, 1967? The Record is Clear

15 The Battle of America: Final Chapter in the 100-year Arab-Israeli War?

18 A Fundamental Change in U.S.-Israeli Relations

19 Peace Talks, New Loan Guarantees, Israel Arms Transfer Charges

27 What Does Israel Cost U.S. Taxpayers?

29 The Musawi Assassination

35 Death Toll Soars in Gaza's Rafah Camp

36 Death, a Flag, and Resurrection

37 Seeing the Light: When My Friend Chose Death, I Chose Life

52 Israel's Attack on the USS Liberty

Congress and the 1992 Elections

16 AIPAC's 1992 National Convention-Two Views

20 H. Ross Perot: His Candidacy is More Serious Than His Mideast Policy

22 Pro-Israel PACs Outspending Arab-American PACs 369 to 1

26 Israel Lobby Opposing Saudi F-15 Purchase

30 Media Bush and Baker Bashing: Motives Behind the Anti-Bush Media Campaign

Special Reports

14 Bosnia 1992 and Palestine 1948: An Eerie Parallel

31 The U.S. Needs to Sell F-15s More Than Saudi Arabia Needs to Buy Them

33 A Double Standard in Computer Bulletin Board Mideast Discussion?

40 The Kurds in Iraq, Iran and Turkey-Three Kurdish Perspectives

43 Azerbaijan: Strategic Prize in a Volatile Region

44 Is Lebanon Safe for Foreigners? It Depends on Whom You Ask

45 Afghanistan in Transition

46 The Remaking of the Somali Nation


5 Letters to the Editor

28 Pander Watch

32 Quatsch Watch

34 Myths and Facts

39 U.N. Report

47 Issues in Islam

49 Education

51 March 1992 Chronology of U.S.-Mideast Relations

55 Arab-American Activism

56 Human Rights

57 Jews and Israel

58 Religion

60 California Chronicle

62 Other Voices

68 Middle East Marketplace

69 Book Reviews

70 AET Book Club Catalog

78 Issues in the News

80 Cartoons from the Arab Press. . . and from an Israeli Point of View

82 Other People's Mail

97 Bulletin Board

99 Publishers' Page