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April-May 1994 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

Re-evaluating The Peace Process After the Hebron Massacre

7 No End in Sight So Long as Settlements FlourishRachelle Marshall

8 Arafat Is in Trouble, But So Is IsraelRobert Hazo

9 Hope Turns to Disappointment, Despair and DesperationEdna Homa Hunt

11 Accord Obligates PLO to Protect Israelis But No One to Protect PalestiniansNuha Marchi

12 Signs of Another Israeli DeceitPaul Findley

13 After Oslo and Before Gaza-Jericho: A Time For Unity Despite AdversityAlfred M. Lilienthal

14 West Bank Settlements: the Real Obstacle to PeaceRichard Curtiss

15 The Hebron Massacre: Another "Defining Moment" in the Middle EastLeon T. Hadar

16 White House Is Occupied Territory Until Some Officials Choose RecusalEugene Bird

17 "You Should Understand Them": Inside Israel's Settler CultureIsrael Shahak

48 Israeli Religious Establishment Threatens Peace AgreementGrace Halsell

50 Israel Seeks U.S. Technology to Turn Decoy into "Stealth Missile"Tim Kennedy

54 Senate Inquisitors Air Strobe Talbott's Views on IsraelPaul Findley

63 Efforts Underway to Trace Hundreds of Palestinian MIAs In IsraelMary C. Cook

111 Anger and Disappointment Trigger Arab Demonstrations Inside IsraelMarda Dunsky

Special Reports

6 After the Ultimatum: Deliverance in Bosnia?Richard H. Curtiss

19 Reflections on a Life-Long Struggle for Justice in the Middle EastAlfred M. Lilienthal

20 Tunisia's New Elections Law Guaranteed Opposition a VoiceMichael Collins Dunn

40 Drop in Oil Prices Spurs Iran to Diversify Alternative TradeAndrea W. Lorenz

47 In Lebanon Even the Opposition Checks First With SyriaMaryilyn Raschka

51 Egyptian Human Rights Advocate Bahey El-Din HassanJanet McMahon

52 Things Fall Apart: Yemeni Union in Danger—Michael Collins Dunn

53 Somalia's Last Foreign Minister Warns Somaliland on SecessionGregg Noakes

55 U.S. Uncertainty Over Proliferation, Kashmir Policies Creates GridlockM. M. Ali

56 Midwest Foundation Helps Iranian Children Needing Medical TreatmentSabrina Ousmaal-Moin

60 United Muslims of America Honors Three Veteran ActivistsHasan Zillur Rahim

67 Muslim and Palestinian Unity Called for at Detroit-Area EventsSabah Fakoury


3 Letters to the Editor

18 Trade and Finance: USAID steps Up Funding of Gaza Projects—By Colin MacKinnon

21 United Nations Report: U.S. Position on Protection of Palestinians Exasperates AlliesIan Williams

22 Issues in the NewsCompiled by Greg Noakes

30 Media Watch: Mainstream Media Mideast Slanters

31 Lobby Watch: Christopher Finds Israel's U.A. Lobby Tougher Than Israeli Government

32 Congress: Outspoken Legislators prodded Clinton on Bosnia

33 Myths and Facts

34 Public Opinion: Israeli, Palestinian Support for Peace Accord Was Dropping Before Massacre

35 Election Watch and PAC Watch: Will the Kid Come Back?

41 Other People's Mail

57 Canada Calling: Unequal Battles to Free Pollard and VanunuJohn Dirlik

61 California Chronicle: California Congressman Decries "Malevolent" Anti-Islam TacticsPat and Samir Twair

64 Jews and Israel: Talbott: For and AgainstSheldon Richman

65 Arab-American Activism: Arab Americans Condemn Hebron MassacreCatherine M. Willford

66 ABC's Episode of Anti-SemitismAnne Marie Baylouny

70 Book Review: The Destruction of YugoslaviaReviewed by Grace Halsell

71 Christianity and the Middle East: Three Inter-Religious ConferencesRev. L. Humphrey Walz

74 Middle East History - April: Total U.S. Aid to Israel Revealed in 1992Donald Neff

75 Middle East History - May: Arab Jaffa Seized in 1948Donald Neff

102 January-February 1994 Chronology of U.S.-Middle East RelationsCompiled by Greg Noakes

113 Bulletin Board

114 Publishers' Page