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August-September 1997 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S. and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

6 Supreme Court Takes Up "The Case Against AIPAC"—Richard H. Curtiss

7 As Israelis Bicker Among Themselves, Palestinians Grapple With Serious Internal Problems —Rachelle Marshall

9 Ethnic Cleansing in Jerusalem, Israeli Style—Paul Findley

14 Land Dealer Killings Highlight Collapse of Israeli-Palestinian Talks—Stephen J. Sosebee

15 Palestinians Equally Disgusted With Shabby Government Performance, Failed Peace Process —Maureen Meehan

17 Saudi Straight Talk: Are They Real Advocates of Peace?—Dr. Abdul Qadar Tash

18 The Balfour Declaration and the Zimmermann Note: A Possible Explanation for Britain's Betrayal of the Palestinians—John Cornelius

21 Rep. Jim Moran Says Jerusalem Should Be "Multi-National Capital"—Shirl McArthur and Richard H. Curtiss

23 Affairs of State: Will the End of the Peace Process Be Followed by "A Nice Little War"?—Eugene Bird

26 Antiochian Orthodox Archbishop Assails Clinton, Gingrich Middle East Stands—Pat McDonnell Twair

27 Congress Watch: Legislative Mischief—Shirl McArthur

29 Palestinian Press Censorship: Both Heavy-Handed and Subtle—Joshua Stayn

43 From the Hebrew Press: Dayan's Regrets About Allowing Soldiers in Hebron—Translated by Dr. Israel Shahak

72 The Many Faces of Terrorism—Dr.Edna Homa Hunt

Special Reports

10 The Iranian Elections: Five Views

—Richard H. Curtiss
—Bruce Laingen
—Dr. Khosrow Akmal
—Sarvnaz Chitsaz
—Suroosh Irfani

25 Re-rooting Lebanon's War-Displaced Farmers—Marilyn Raschka

31 Second Yemeni Parliamentary Election Praised by International Observers—William A. Rugh

33 Hopes for Peace Still Alive in the Subcontinent—M.M. Ali

35 Maury Maverick, Jr.: A Fearless, Cantankerous, Kind-Hearted, Free Thinker From Texas—Pat McDonnell Twair

44 Turkey's Islamist-Led Government Seeking to Call New Elections—James M. Dorsey

45 Is Turkey's Military Repeating Algerian Army's Catastrophic Mistake?—Richard H. Curtiss

48 Afghanistan's Taliban Draw World Attention Again—M.M. Ali

49 Central Asia: Revival of "Silk Road" Underway—Gordon Feller


3 Letters to the Editor

38 Issues in the News—Compiled by Shawn L. Twing

46 Trade and Finance: IMF Asses Palestinian Economic Potential—Colin MacKinnon

51 United Nations Report: U.S. Votes Againsty Requiring Israel to Fund Rebuilding of Qana U.N. Camp—Ian Williams

52 People Watch: Pollard's Israel Handler Breaks 10-Year Silence —Lucille Barnes (coming soon)

55 Waging Peace: Princeton Mideast Society Meets

59 Arab-American Activism: ADC Conference Attracts 2,000

61 Diplomatic Doings: Qatar's Emir Visits Washington

62 Muslim-American Activism: AMA Involves Community Members in Strategy Building

66 Northeast News: Boston's Museum of Fine Arts Unveils Exotic Luxury With Silk Road Exhibit—David P. Johnson

70 Canada Calling: Second Conference on Islamic Banking Held in Toronto—Faisal Kutty

73 Christianity and the Middle East: Friends of Sabeel Hold Major Conference in Washington, DC—Rev. L. Humphrey Walz

76 Other People's Mail

87 Education: B'tselem Publications Examine Illegal Israeli Land and Population Policies in Jerusalem—Betsy Barlow

88 California Chronicle: Dr. Maher Hathout Criticizes Bigotry of South Carolina Board of Education Member—Pat and Samir Twair

92 Northwest News: PNA Officials Study U.S. Government Press Relations in USIA-Sponsored Project for Palestine—Elaine Kelley

96 Middle East History: August 1970: Fulbright Called for U.S. Defense Pact With Israel but Was Labeled Anti-Semite—by Donald Neff

September 1981: U.S. Grants Israel Strategic Partnership and Then Pays For It—by Donald Neff

99 Book Reviews
Open Secrets: Israeli Nuclear and Foreign Policies—Reviewed by Norman Mezvinsky

George Ball: Behind the Scenes in U.S. Foreign Policy—Reviewed by Andrew I. Killgore

111 Facts for Your Files: April-May 1997 Chronology of U.S.-Middle East Relations—Compiled by Janet McMahon

119 Bulletin Board

121 Publishers' Page