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December 1997 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S. and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

6 Binyamin Netanyahu's Dangerous VisionRichard H. Curtiss

7 Bungled Amman Assassination Plot Exposes Rift Within Israeli Government Over NegotiationsVictor Ostrovsky

9 Congressional, Media Support for Netanyahu Undercuts U.S. Middle East Policy ObjectivesRachelle Marshall

11 Israel Aims to Drive Palestinians From Homeland Through Harassment, Permit Denials, DemolitionsStephen J. Sosebee

15 "Compromise" at Ras Al-Amoud Results in More Israeli "Facts on the Ground" in Heart of Arab East JerusalemStephen J. Sosebee

16 Interim Middle East Report Card on 105th CongressShirl McArthur

21 There Is a Moral Equivalency Between "Arab Terrorism" and Netanyahu's ActionsRay Hanania

27 As Burdens Grow, UNRWA Lebanon Budget ImperiledGhada Khouri

35 Hide and Seek: Israel's Nuclear GameDr. Edna Homa Hunt

42 Tiny Israel's Giant U.S. Lobby Goes Unmentioned in Campaign Finance HearingsMitchell Kaidy

43 True Lies About U.S. Aid to IsraelRichard H. Curtiss

47 If Peace Process Must Die, Let's Not Forget Who Killed ItRichard H. Curtiss

48 Madeleine Albright Crowns Her Unsuccessful Middle East Trip With a Venture in Pilate DiplomacyEugene Bird

53 Current Translations and Commentary From Israel's Hebrew-Language PressDr. Israel Shahak

Bookburners and Their Victims: First-Hand Accounts of Pro-Israel McArthyism

22 New U.S. Anti-Terrorism Law Claiming First Victims As Florida Scholar Is Jailed on Unknown ChargesPaul Findley

52 How Israel's Brutal Birth "Disappeared" From a Pioneer American Christian's Modern History SagaAndrew I. Killgore

57 In California Court Case, ADL Still Delaying Disclosure of Where It Got and What It Did With Personal Data on Anti-Apartheid and Pro-Palestinian ActivistsKurt Holden

59 Young Reporter Finds That at the Demand of Pro-Israel Advertisers, Freedom of the Press is RevokableAnne Thomas

95 HarperCollins Takes Popular New Heikal Book "Out of Print" Three Months After U.S. ReleaseAbdeen Jabara

Special Reports

12 The 1997 Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) ConventionTwo PerspectivesRaeshma Razvi and M.M. Ali

20 Naila Asali: Chairwoman, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination CommitteeAndrew I. Killgore

23 Dr. Agha Saeed: Dynamic Leader of Expanding American Muslim AllianceRichard H. Curtiss

26 Turkey's New Government Looking Again to the Caucasus and Central AsiaGordon Feller

28 Lack of Regional Military Balance Motivates Clandestine Iranian Medium-Range Missile ProgramShawn L. Twing

29 Pakistan and India Observe 50 Years of IndependenceM.M. Ali

30 Talking Turkey: Military Crackdown on Islamic Education Puts Crushing Burden on Antiquated School SystemJames M. Dorsey

31 Turkey's Secularists Won First Round Without Bloodshed, But Islamists Expect Victory in 1998 ElectionMarvine Howe

34 Whether It's Jerusalem or Nantucket, You Can't Go Home AgainDr. Alfred M. Lilienthal

37 Dr. Ragaa Mostafa Hathout, a Muslim Mom Who Has It AllPat McDonnell Twair

55 Attack on German Tourist Bus Bad Omen for Both Egyptian Government and Islamic MilitantsJames J. Napoli

56 As U.S. Rediscovers Lebanon, Its People Dare to Hope for "a Lebanon Free From All Foreign Forces"Carole Dagher

106 Rabbi Daniel Isaak: Oregon Peace ActivistElaine Kelley

115 Astrolabe Pictures: Major Source of Islamic Entertainment and Educational Multimedia ProductsMichael S. Lee


3 Letters to the Editor

18 Straight Talk: Arab and American Media Men in AsilaDr. Abdul Qader Tash

19 Saudi Reflections: The First Arab Forum of International StatureKhaled Al-Maeena

38 Issues in the NewsCompiled by Shawn L. Twing

46 Speaking Out: At Last, The Washington Post Takes a StandPaul Findley

49 Congress Watch: Despite New Settlements, Assassination Attempt, Congress Renews Israeli Aid at Full 1997 LevelShirl McArthur

58 United Nations Report: As List of Israeli Breaches of Geneva Conventions Grows, U.N. and Switzerland May Summon SignatoriesIan Williams

60 Media Watch: As U.S. Media Ownership Shrinks, Who Covers Islam?Richard H. Curtiss

61 People Watch: Maryland Murder Case Prompts Threats to Cut U.S. Aid to IsraelLucille Barnes

64 Northeast News: Armenian Museum Dedicates Exhibit to GenocideDavid P. Johnson, Jr.

67 Arab-American Activism: NAAA Hosts Kuwaiti Parliamentarian

67 Muslim-American Activism: New York Chapter of American Muslim Alliance Conducts First Statewide Meetings (coming soon)

68 Waging Peace: Samuel Berger Speaks at Georgetown

73 Diplomatic Doings: Jordanian Ambassador Lends Voice to Palestinian Arabs Living in Israel (coming soon)

74 Human Rights: Lisa Hajjar Speaks on Status of Human Rights Groups in Israel and the Occupied Territories (coming soon)

79 Education: Full Schedule of Fall Conferences UnderwayBetsy Barlow

81 Middle East History: December 1987: The Intifada Erupts, Forcing Israel to Recognize PalestiniansDonald Neff

84 Trade and Finance: U.N., World Bank, IMF Criticize Israeli Closure PolicyColin MacKinnon

85 Other People's Mail

104 Christianity and the Middle East: EMEU Conference to Ponder Christianity's Future in MideastRev. L. Humphrey Walz

107 California Chronicle: Lebanese Newspaper Exposes Sales by Greek Clerics of East Jerusalem Lands to IsraelisPat and Samir Twair

112 Northwest News: Jerusalem Municipality Deputy Director-General Challenged on Policies in Meeting With Portland GroupElaine Kelley

116 Book Review: Egypt's Road to Jerusalem: A Diplomat's Story of the Struggle for Peace in the Middle EastReviewed by Shawn L. Twing

117 Book Review:Ben Ali on the Road to Pluralism in TunisiaReviewed by Richard H. Curtiss

129 Facts for Your Files: August, September 1997 Chronology of U.S.-Middle East RelationsCompiled by Janet McMahon

136 Bulletin Board

137 Publishers' Page

138 Editor's Essays