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June-July 1997 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S. and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

6 Month of Protest Leaves Palestinians With Little Faith in Peace ProcessMaureen Meehan

8 How Different Was Peres' Plan From Netanyahu's?Richard H. Curtiss

9 U.S. Sticks to "Positive Reinforcement" as Netanyahu Sabotages PeaceRachelle Marshall

11 The 30th Anniversary of the Israeli Occupation: A Very Personal CommemorationEdna Homa Hunt

13 Israel: "There to Stay" or "Just a Matter of Time"?Andrew I. Killgore

14 Congress Launches Fawning Frenzy Over Netanyahu's Har Homa DecisionShirl McArthur

18 While White House "Nurtures" Peace Process, Netanyahu Buries It at AIPACEugene Bird

19 USS Liberty: Periscope Photography May Finally Reveal TruthJames M. Ennes, Jr.

21 U.S. Promises More Aid for Israel After Groundbreaking in Har HomaShawn L. Twing

22 The Grandiose and Unlamented Aims of the Failed Oslo Process—Dr. Israel Shahak (coming soon)

23 Jerusalem: Israel's New Golden CalfNeve Gordon

29 Current Translations and Commentary From Hebrew-Language NewspapersDr. Israel Shahak

37 Disinvited by the Holocaust Museum, Writer Speaks at National Press ClubRichard H. Curtiss

48 Are the Two Vetoes the Straw That Broke the Arab Camel's Back?Richard H. Curtiss

Special Reports

24 High-Level Private Task Force Attacks "Dual Containment" PolicyRichard H. Curtiss

25 Oil-for-Food Deal Will Not End Iraqi CrisisGeoff Lumetta

27 Beirut Planners Turn to Suburban "Belts of Misery"—Marilyn Raschka

31 Despite Illustrious Past, Yemeni Women Suffer Discrimination—Katherine M. Metres

34 UAE Hosts World's Largest Defense Show—Shawn L. Twing

44 Turkish Military "Advice" Reins In Islamist Erbakan—James M. Dorsey

45 India and Pakistan Engaged in Re-Examination of Kashmir ProblemM.M. Ali

47 Central Asia's Growing Links Improve EconomyGordon Feller

49 Death of Mustafa Amin Evokes Nostalgia for Egypt's Brave Journalist—James J. Napoli

56 School of Islamic and Social Sciences Completing First Year of Courses in U.S.—M.M. Ali

79 The Forward is Backward: New York's Unclassifiable Jewish Weekly—Lenni Brenner


3 Letters to the Editor

28 U.N. Report: For Second Time, General Assembly Votes to Condemn Israeli Settlements—Ian Williams

32 Saudi Reflections: Europe's Schizophrenia Keeps Turkey Out; To Become Equal Partners in the World—Khaled Al-Maeena

33 Straight Talk: The Weapon of Boycott—Dr. Abdul Qader Tash

36 Speaking Out: The Image of Islam in the West—Paul Findley

38 Issues in the News—Compiled by Shawn L. Twing

50 Public Opinion: Clinton's Tilt Toward Israel Losing Public Opinion Support—Kurt Holden

51 Jews and Israel: Netanyahu Coalition and Evangelical Christians on Collision Course—Nathan Jones

52 Media Watch: Sixty-Seven Percent of Americans Believe News Media Are Biased. Here's Why.—Lucille Barnes

53 People Watch: Senator Specter May Be Running Again for President, But Not of the U.S.—Richard H. Curtiss

57 News From New York: Maksoud Calls for Unified Arab Diplomacy to Thwart Netanyahu—Katherine M. Metres

58 Northwest News: World Affairs Council of Oregon Hosts Ron Young Lecture on Mideast Peace—Elaine Kelley

60 California Chronicle: Jordan's Queen Noor Joins Tributes to Middle East Peace Activist
—Pat and Samir Twair

63 Waging Peace, Diplomatic Doings, Arab-American and Muslim-American Activism

70 Middle East History: June 1990: U.S. Had to Wage Long Battle Against Israel's Technology Transfers to China—Donald Neff

73 Trade and Finance: Middle East Trade: Globalization Puts New Pressures on the Region—Colin MacKinnon

74 Christianity and the Middle East: Jerusalem Peace Activists on Quaker Tour—Rev. L. Humphrey Walz

77 A Muslim Traveler: It's Up to Muslim Women to Reclaim Our God-Given Rights—Dr. Mahjabeen Islam-Husain

87 Education: Student Travel to the Middle East—Betsy Barlow

95 Other People's Mail

100 Living Together in Peace: New Videos on Israel/Palestine—Reviewed by Geoff Lumetta and John Vandenberg (coming soon)

101 Book Review: Jewish Power: Inside the American Jewish Establishment—Reviewed by
Shawn L. Twing
(coming soon)

113 Facts for Your Files: March 1997 Chronology of U.S.-Middle East RelationsCompiled by Janet McMahon

121 Bulletin Board

122 Publishers' Page