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July-August 1999 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S. and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

14 The Jewish National Fund and World Zionist Organization: The Hidden Faces of Israeli RacismMaureen Meehan

15 As Israel’s Armed Proxies Withdraw From Jezzine, SLA Fighters Watch Treatment of Those Who Stay Behind in Southern LebanonSallie Shatz

17 A West Bank Stone Thrower’s Story Makes Ripples of Hope in a Sea of HopelessnessGeraldine Brooks

18 Israel’s Palestinian Population Still Struggling for Equal Rights, Recognition of Their Towns and VillagesMaureen Meehan

23 Media Tour: Israel and Its NeighborsEugene Bird

24 Will Ehud Barak Put Israel on the Road to Real Land-for-Peace With Palestine? Two American ViewsRichard H. Curtiss & Rachelle Marshall

27 Will Ehud Barak Put Israel on the Road to Real Land-for-Peace With Palestine? Two Israeli ViewsNeve Gordon & Victor Ostrovsky

29 Jordan’s King Abdullah Gets Royal Reception in WashingtonShirl McArthur

30 Optometry Volunteers Complete Project in Bethlehem and Gaza Following Equipment ConfiscationSr. Elaine Kelley

43 With Congressional Attention Diverted, Some Members Cannot Resist Taking Irresponsible ActionsShirl McArthur

45 Repetition Doesn’t Make a Lie the Truth— This Is How I KnowCharley Reese

46 Attack on Arab American at the State DepartmentDr. James J. Zogby

46 A Victory for Arab AmericansJoseph Zogby

49 What the Cox Report Does and Does Not Say About Israeli Technology Transfer to ChinaShawn L. Twing

50 Arab Americans React Cautiously to Barak Victory But Jewish American Peace Activists More OptimisticRichard H. Curtiss

56 Israel May Yet Lose Its Giant Grab for U.S. Funds to Underwrite Its Current Alliance With TurkeyAndrew I. Killgore

64 U.S. Handbell Choir Members Who Went to Palestine “To Spread Music” Returned “Spreading the Truth”Roxane Assaf

Special Reports

6 Five Aspects of the Kosovo War:

Helping the Kosovars While They Await Their Return: A Situation Report From AlbaniaJoMarie Fecci

UAE Sets the Pace in Kosovar Refugee Relief With Construction of Camp, Field Hospital and AirportJoMarie Fecci

Muslim Countries Send Huge Shipments of Aid to Kosovo RefugeesDelinda C. Hanley

A Quagmire Is Not So Deadly as an Inferno, and Other Lessons From KosovoRichard C. Curtiss

India-Pakistan War of 1971 a Precedent for NATO and YugoslaviaAndrew I. Killgore

21 Dispute Between Kabbani Followers and Hosts Disrupts Forum at Islamic Center of Southern CaliforniaPat McDonnell Twair

22 “Dear God, We’re Destroying Everything That Lives”: A Report From the Baghdad Sanctions ConferenceG. Simon Harak, S.J.

33 Congressman Bob Ney: A Voice of Reason on IranShirl McArthur

34 Bombings, Government Crackdown on “Islamists” Dividing People of Newly Independent UzbekistanLucy Jones

36 Ocalan Trial Charges of Foreign Aid to Rebellious Kurds Strengthens Rising Nationalist Tide in TurkeyJon P. Gorvett

37 Opposition Parties Unite for Indonesia Election; Egyptian Artifacts Shown in Hong Kong, SingaporeJohn Gee

51 United Nations Report: Ethnic Cleansing Thwarted in Kosovo; Standoff in Iraq; and a Swiss Case of “Stockholm Syndrome”Ian Williams

53 India-Pakistan Hostilities Break Out in Kashmir, as Both Countries Face Problems at HomeM.M. Ali

63 Archbishop Philip Saliba, A Strong Voice for Justice in the Mideast and Christian Orthodox Unity in AmericaRichard H. Curtiss

74 MGM Grand Gambles $1.5 Million on Fayrouz Premiere in Las VegasPat and Samir Twair


3 Letters to the Editor

38 Issues in the NewsCompiled by Delinda C. Hanley

52 Canada Calling: Canadian Charity Claims Religious DiscriminationFaisal Kutty

60 Facts for Your File: April 1999 Chronology of U.S.-Middle East RelationsCompiled by Janet McMahon

67 The Mideast in the Midwest: Chicago-Area Mosque VandalizedRaeed N. Tayeh

68 SOUTHERN California Chronicle: UCLA Honors Professor for Archeological Discoveries in SyriaPat and Samir Twair

71 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CHRONICLE: Demonstration in San Rafael Against Sanctions and Bombing of IraqElaine Pasquini

76 Northeast News: Reinvigorated ADC Massachusetts Chapter Hears Pleas for Arab Unity at Home and AbroadDavid P. Johnson Jr.

78 Trade and Finance: Algeria’s New Government Will Face Tough Economic ProblemsColin MacKinnon

79 Education: Summer Reading TimeBetsy Barlow

81 Middle East History: August 1970: Jewish Defense League Unleashes Campaign of Violence in AmericaDonald Neff

84 Christianity and the Middle East: Seventh Assembly of the Middle East Council of ChurchesDr. Fred Strickert

86 Jews and Israel: Israel: A Sharply Divided Society on the Brink of a Cultural Civil WarAllan C. Brownfeld

89 Other People’s Mail

104 Muslim-American Activism: Promises for Stronger Muslim Political Presence at the AMC’s 8th Annual Convention

115 Diplomatic Doings: Saudi Centennial Observance

115 Waging Peace: Two Remarkable Women of Peace at University of Maryland

121 Human Rights: Representatives Bonior and Campbell Introduce Secret Evidence Repeal Act

123 Book Reviews

Fifty Years of IsraelReviewed by Dilip Hiro Carpenter

From Nazareth: A Palestinian Portrait
Reviewed by Dr. Fred Strickert

138 Publishers’ Page