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December 2000 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S. and the Israeli-Palestinian Process Conflict

6 Historic Muslim-and Arab-American Bloc Vote a Coveted Political PrizeDelinda Curtiss Hanley

7 The Peace Process Ends in Protest and BloodRachelle Marshall


9 On Living and Letting LiveSamah Jabr with Betsy Mayfield

10 “What’s Wrong With You, World?” One Palestinian’s Diary of the Al-Aqsa IntifadaMuna Hamzeh-Muhaisen, excerpted by Sherri Muzhar

11 Statistical Picture of Palestinian Deaths and InjuriesUnion of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees

12 The Martyrdom of InnocenceAnita Fast

14 Khaled Zighari, “The Photographer of Jerusalem”Riad Z. Abdelkarim

17 House of Representatives Condemns and Threatens PalestiniansShirl McArthur

19 How the U.S. Lost Its “Honest Broker” Role in the Palestinian War of IndependenceAndrew I. Killgore

22 What If...? The Economic Consequences of Israel’s Threat of SeparationColin MacKinnon

25 Affairs of State: Who Will Bell the Israeli Cat?Eugene Bird

26 Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon and Syria Face Different, Uncertain FuturesJoMarie Fecci

28 U.S. Exhibits Temporary Sanity by Not Vetoing Security Council Resolution Critical of IsraelIan Williams

51 How Are the Mighty Fallen! U.S. Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk’s Lost (and Found) Security ClearanceAndrew I. Killgore

Special Reports

24 Prosecution Stumbles in “Lockerbie Trial” of Pan Am Flight 103Andrew I. Killgore

29 Oil-Thirsty America Goes Easy on SaddamDilip Hiro

31 Syria’s New President Bashar Al-Assad: A Modern-Day AtaturkSami Moubayed

32 Iran’s Drug WarsAndrew North

35 Armenian Genocide Resolution Nearly the End of a Beautiful U.S.-Turkey RelationshipJon Gorvett

36 Angry Reaction in the Far East to Israeli RepressionJohn Gee

43 People Power in the Balkans: Is the Ice of Nationalism Breaking?Alan L. Heil Jr.

46 After a Year in Power, Pakistan’s Ruling Gen. Pervez Musharraf Has His Work Cut Out for HimM.M. Ali

47 European Press Review: Sharon’s Temple Mount Visit “Unprecedented Act of Provocation,” Says Germany’s Süddeutsche ZeitungLucy Jones

48 Canada’s Support of U.N. Security Council Resolution Draws Mixed Reaction From PoliticiansFaisal Kutty

50 Cairo Communiqué: Arab Media Coverage of Al-Aqsa Intifada Calls Mubarak Government to AccountAndrew Hammond

52 India’s Muslims and Christians Become a Football for the Right-Wing BJPM.M. Ali


3 Letters to the Editor

38 Issues in the NewsCompiled by Delinda C. Hanley

53 Northern California Chronicle: California Friends of Bibliotheca Alexandrina Honored in San FranciscoElaine Pasquini

57 Tri-State News: Voices in the Wilderness Co-Founder Kathy Kelly, en Route to Iraq, Addresses New York AudienceJane Adas

59 Southern California Chronicle: Academics Discuss New Dimensions of an Institutionalized IntifadaPat and Samir Twair

65 Christianity and the Middle East: Church Leaders Speak Out Over Middle East CrisisFred Strickert

68 ISLAM IN AMERICA: The Manifest Destiny of American MuslimsDr. Muqtedar Khan

69 Israel and Judaism: However Difficult, Israelis and Palestinians Must Return to Question of Temple Mount’s Final StatusAllan C. Brownfeld

81 Other People’s Mail

86 Muslim-American Activism: Muslims Rally in Support of Palestine

87 ARAB-AMERICAN ACTIVISM: Hanan Ashrawi on the Al-Aqsa Intifada

93 WAGING PEACE: Fears for the Holy Land’s Future

96 HUMAN RIGHTS: Partners for Peace Says Israel Detained, Tortured Four American Victims

99 DIPLOMATIC DOINGS: Andrew Killgore Briefs Egyptian Diplomat Trainees

100 Facts for Your File: September 2000 Chronology of U.S.-Middle East RelationsCompiled by Janet McMahon

104 Book Review: Sharing the Promised Land: A Tale of Israelis and Palestinians—Reviewed by Char Simons

105 AET Book Club Catalog

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