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March 2000 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S. and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

6 Will “the Syrian Track” Result in an Israeli Peace Treaty in 2000—Three Views:

1) Can Israelis Be Persuaded to Take a Chance on Peace With Syria?—Rachelle Marshall
2) When Israel Declined to Confirm Its Promised Withdrawal, Syria Talks Halted—Richard H. Curtiss
3)It’s Still Possible for American Muslims to Democratize the Peace Process—M.A. Muqtedar Khan

11 Clinton Becomes “The Good Shepherd” of Recalcitrant Israeli and Syrian Flocks at ShepherdstownEugene Bird

16 Militant Coalition of Christian Fundamentalist and Jewish Orthodox Cults Plots Destruction of Al Aqsa MosqueGrace Halsell

18 With the Christian Peacemakers in Hebron: Protecting the Omar Sultan Home From Jewish SettlersArt Gish, Joanne “Jake” Kaufman, Dianne Roe

20 In the 60 Percent of the West Bank Under Full Israeli Occupation, Palestinian Evictions ContinueJane Adas

30 European Press Review: Economist Says Syrian Issues Are “Molehills” Compared to “Mountains” Facing Palestinians, IsraelisLucy Jones

32 Behind the Looking Glass—Political Insights From the Israeli PressNathan Jones

35 A Message From HellVictor Ostrovsky

37 Peace Center Completes Rehabilitation of Manger Square for Year-Long Bethlehem 2000 ObservationsSr. Elaine Kelley


23 For Middle East Peace With Justice Advocates, Best Presidential Picks Still Bradley and BushRichard H. Curtiss

24 Mid-Term Report Card on 106th Congress Shows Mixed ResultsShirl McArthur

Special Reports

13 Conditions Attached to Turkey’s EU Breakthrough Present Hard Political, Legal and Economic Choices—Jon Gorvett

14 Consequences of the Israel-Turkey Alliance—Two Views:

1) The Israel-Iran Alliance Failed: Can Israel and Turkey Fare Any Better?—Andrew I. Killgore
2) Who Encircles Whom? Israeli-Turkish Flanking of Syria Warms Relations Between Greece and Iran—John P. Nordin

21 Alabama Statesman Andrew I. Killgore Says U.S. Biased Against Palestinians—Sam Hodges, Mobile, AL Register

33 Two Arab-American Groups Merge for “Political Empowerment” in 21st Century—Richard H. Curtiss

47 A New Low in India-Pakistan Relations—M.M. Ali

48 Only a Solution in Kashmir Will Bring Peace and Security to All of South Asia—Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai

50 In Pakistan, When Will We Learn Enough From Our History to Avoid Repeating It?—Mahjabeen Islam-Husain

51 The Sabres of Paradise—Mowahid H. Shah

52 U.S. Pushes Security Council to Intrude in Iraq, Keep Out of Israeli-Palestinian Dispute—Ian Williams

53 Those Afghan Sanctions—What Are They and Will They Work?—Colin MacKinnon

57 Despite Denials, Indonesia Greatly Expanding Economic Ties With Israel—John Gee

58 Croatia, in Parliamentary and Presidential Elections, Decisively Rejects Hard-liners’ Policies—Alan Heil

64 Canada Sends Fact-finder to the Sudan—Faisal Kutty

65 Clinton’s Warm Eid al-Fitr Remarks Reflect Growing Recognition of American Muslims—Richard H. Curtiss


3 Letters to the Editor

38 Issues in the NewsCompiled by Delinda C. Hanley

43 Other People’s Mail

54 Southern California Chronicle: Alice Navasargian’s Second Tome on Armenian Contributions to the ArtsPat and Samir Twair

59 Northern California Chronicle: Demonstrators Protest Russian Bombing of Chechnya at Russian Consulate in San Francisco—Elaine Pasquini

62 People Watch: A Palestinian Torture Victim’s Strange Distinction—Lucille Barnes

68 Christianity in the GulfFred Strickert

70 Education: Excellent New Resource for Teaching Medieval and Renaissance Muslim and European InteractionsBetsy Barlow

84 Muslim-American Activism: American Muslim Council Hosts Capitol Hill Iftar Dinner

86 Arab-American Activism: AAI 1999 Conference Stresses Arab Empowerment

90 Waging Peace: CPAP and Partners for Peace Hold Media Workshop

99 Diplomatic Doings: Egyptian Ambassador Fahmy Speaks at Peace Institute

100 Facts for Your Files: November, December 1999 Chronology of U.S.-Middle East RelationsCompiled by Janet McMahon

105 Book Review: Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel—Reviewed by Allan C. Brownfeld

114 Publishers’ Page

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