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June-July 2002 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S. War on Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

June/July 2002 Cover6 Israel’s Victorious Scenario: Occupation and “Autonomy” for the PalestiniansJeff Halper

7 Ariel Sharon Brings His Bag of Tricks to George Bush’s White HouseRichard H. Curtiss

8 Bush Gives Up Posing as “Peacemaker” to Emerge as Sharon’s Staunch AllyRachelle Marshall

11 Going the Extra Mile Does Not Mean Abandoning the Justness of Our CauseSamah Jabr

12 Family, Friends Pull Out All Stops to Free Dr. Riad Abdelkarim From Israeli PrisonPat McDonnell Twair

14 Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations Gauge American SupportRichard H. Curtiss

17 On Behalf of Israel, Washington’s War Party Hopes to Divide and Conquer—Richard H. Curtiss

18 The USS Liberty: Still Covered Up After 35 YearsJames M. Ennes, Jr.

20 Israeli Onslaught Prompts Outpouring of Congressional SupportShirl McArthur

24 UNRWA Director Hansen Begins Third Term, Continues to Speak OutIan Williams

25 Sharon’s Fifth Visit: Another Bombing, Dramatic MomentsEugene Bird

26 From Would-be Volunteer Peacekeeper To Involuntary Israeli DetaineeAlison Weir

30 Hezbollah Adviser Says U.S. Now “an Expert in Attracting Enemies, Not Friends”Samaa Abu Sharar

33 Osama bin Laden—From Hero to RenegadeRichard H. Curtiss

45 U.N. Report: U.S., Israel Backtrack, Lose Track of Who Started It All in the First PlaceIan Williams

47 U.N. Membership for Palestine—Now—John V. Whitbeck

54 The Killing of Suraida Gharbieh: “Defensive Shield” or Offensive SlayingRoxane Assaf

56 Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu Calls For End to Israeli OccupationSr. Elaine Kelley

59 Daoud Kuttab Recalls Destruction of TV Station, Al Quds University PlightPat McDowell Twair

Special Reports

23 In Memoriam: Dr. Hala MaksoudAndrew I. Killgore

29 The Logic of Economics Helps Bury Traditional Hatchets in Turkey’s NeighborhoodJon Gorvett

31 Corruption Trials in Damascus: A Popular New Trend?Sami Moubayed

34 Subcontinental Drifts—Toward Instability, War and Constitutional ChangesM.M. Ali

36 Strong Reaction in SE Asia to Israeli Attacks, U.S. IndulgenceJohn Gee

43 European Press: Bush’s April Remarks on Mideast: “End of an Irresponsible Wait-and-See Policy”?Lucy Jones

48 For Palestinians, Nonviolent Resistance Hasn’t Ended RacismDelinda C. Hanley

52 Aga Khan Trust for Culture Helps Bring Silk Road to National MallJanet McMahon


3 Letters to the Editor

38 Issues in the NewsCompiled by Nizar Wattad

42 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

60 The Mideast in the Midwest: Journalist Robert Fisk Critiques “Lobotomized” U.S. Media CoveragKristin Szremski

62 New York and Tri-state News: “Megaphones and Muffled Voices” Conference Addresses Media ActivismJane Adas

66 Christianity and the Middle East: The Siege of the Church of the Nativity: A Quest For CredibilityFred Strickert

69 Israel and Judaism: Is it Anti-Semitic to Criticize Israel And its PoliciesAllan C. Brownfeld

71 Other People’s Mail

80 Northern California Chronicle: San Francisco Awaits Opening of “Eternal Egypt” Exhibition From British Museum—Elaine Pasquini

82 Southern California Chronicle: Ibish/Herschensohn Debate at Nixon Center Library Challenges Outdated Israeli MythPat and Samir Twair

86 Muslim-American Activism: Israeli Arrests of Americans Subject of Urgent News Conference

86 ARAB-AMERICAN ACTIVISM: Dr. Hisham Sharabi Honored at Georgetown Conference

87 WAGING PEACE: An American Eyewitness to Ramallah Under Siege

95 STUDENT ACTIVISM: ISU Christians and Muslims Join to Support Palestine

96 DIPLOMATIC DOINGS: Admiral Moore Remembers Bahrain Service

98 Facts for Your Files: March, April 2002 Chronology of U.S.-Mideast Relation
Compiled by Sara Powell

104 Book Review: Finding PalestineReviewed by Scott Turner

105 AET Book Club Catalog

111 Bulletin Board

112 2002 AET Choir of Angels

113 Middle East Marketplace

114 Publishers’ Page