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November 2002 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S. War on Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

6 Bush and Sharon’s Agendas: War With Iraq, Continued Occupation of Palestine
—Rachelle Marshall

8 Bush’s U.N. Speech Deemed Effective—Except by Bush—Ian Williams

9 Bush Okays Support for United Nations—Richard H. Curtiss

11 On Anniversary of Sabra and Shatila, Israel Puts Marwan Barghouti on Trial—Rachelle Marshall

12 Second Or Commission Hearings Produce Same Old Excuses, Some New Revelations—Jonathan Cook

14 Milk Down the Drain—Samah Jabr

15 American Ambassador Recalls Israeli Assassination Attempt—With U.S. Weapons—Andrew I. Killgore

16 Exploring—Rather, Exposing—Some Myths About Israel-Palestine—Amb. Robert V. Keeley

19 Middle East Madness—David Glick

20 Israel Created Two of Its Own Worst Enemies—Hamas and Hezbollah—Donald Neff

22 Selective MEMRI: Is the “Independent” Media Institute Quite What It Seems?—Brian Whitaker

31 Affairs of State: A Not-So-Diplomatic Exchange—Eugene Bird

35 Jewish Settlers: The “Other” FundamentalistsNizar Wattad

62 Arab Boycotts, Both Formal and Informal, Well Under WayRichard H. Curtiss

Congress and the 2002 Elections

24 Is AIPAC Invincible? Two ViewsIssam Nashashibi, Paul Findley

26 American Jews Not Flocking to Republican Party, Poll Shows—Janet McMahon

27 Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2002 Congressional Candidates

32 Congress Resisting War Hawks on Iraq—Shirl McArthur

Special Reports

48 The Death of Abu Nidal “Nationalist Turned Psychopath”?—Sami Moubayed
The World’s Most Deadly Terrorist—Richard H. Curtiss

51 Concerns Over Kurds, Turcomens Bolster Ankara’s Opposition to Attack on Iraq—Jon Gorvett

52 Helping Democracy in Egypt—Henry Precht

53 After Decades of Civil War, Can Sudan Survive Peace?—Andrew Hammond

55 The Revival of Democracy in Pakistan: An Historical Perspective—M.M. Ali

56 Journey of Hope: Cypriot Youths Cross Atlantic, Ethnic Lines to Build Peaceful Future—Jeffrey Kosmacher and Gregg Orifici

58 Asians Oppose U.S. Attack on Iraq; Foreign Workers’ Treatment in Israel, Singapore—John Gee

60 No “Convincing Evidence” for War on Iraq, Says France’s Le Monde—Lucy Jones

64 In Memoriam: William Rex Crawford, Jr. (1927-2002)—Andrew I. Killgore

65 What’s Not Funny About an Arab? Ask the Famous Jewish Comic Jackie Mason—Roxane Ellis Rodriguez Assaf


3 Letters to the Editor

38 Issues in the News—Compiled by Nizar Wattad

42 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

43 Other People’s Mail

66 Northern California Chronicle: Diana Buttu Addresses Prospects for Peace, Grave Humanitarian Crisis in Palestine—Elaine Pasquini

68 Southern California Chronicle: 9/11 Commemorations Top Southern California Agendas—Pat and Samir Twair

77 Israel and Judaism: Agitation for Iraq War Again Raises Question: Who Really Speaks for American Jews?—Allan C. Brownfeld

80 Christianity and the Middle East: Church Leaders Question President’s Rush to WarFred Strickert

82 Education: Upcoming Deadlines for Teachers and Scholars on the Middle EastBill L. Turpen

84 Muslim-American Activism: ISNA Holds Its 39th Annual Convention

91 ARAB-AMERICAN ACTIVISM: National Council Discusses Effects of Sept. 11

93 STUDENT ACTIVISM: Ashrawi Appearance at Sept. 11 Conference Protested

94 WAGING PEACE: The U.S. and Saudi Arabia: A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

96 HUMAN RIGHTS: PCRF Brings Falastin to Washington, Hope to Palestine

98 Facts for Your Files: July 2002 Chronology of U.S.-Mideast Relations
—Compiled by Sara Powell

102 Book REVIEW: The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity—Reviewed by Sara Powell

103 AET Book Club Catalog

110 Bulletin Board

111 Middle East Marketplace

112 2002 AET Choir of Angels

114 Publishers’ Page