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January-February 2003 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S. War on Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

6 Israel Asks Strapped U.S. Taxpayers for $14 Billion—No Strings Attached
—Delinda C. Hanley

7 Bush's "Road Map to Peace" Is on Hold While His Advisers Push for a Wider War—Rachelle Marshall

11 Is the Time-Tested Kissinger Pattern Doomed to Repeat Itself?—Richard H. Curtiss

12 The Flame Will Never Die—Samah Jabr

14 The International Quartet: Tuning Up for Peace—Richard H. Curtiss

15 American Woman Beaten, Robbed by Gang of Settlers—Pat McDonnell Twair

16 Low-Key Treatment of Jewish Terrorists Rubin and Goldstein Shows Double Standard —Delinda C. Hanley

17 Bush at War Provides New Look at Bush Administration From Powell's Perspective —Richard H. Curtiss

18 Likelihood of Attack on Iraq—But Not a Unilateral U.S. One—Remains High —Ian Williams

20 Pew Poll Reveals What the World Thinks in 2002—Richard H. Curtiss

22 Arab Americans Hold on in Mid-Term Elections, But Congress Remains Pro-Israel—Shirl McArthur

24 Now Is the Time to Intensify Our Efforts—Two Views—Josh Ruebner, Issam Nashashibi

27 Death on the USS Liberty: Questions Remain After 35 Years—William Triplett

29 Convicted Pan Am 103 Lockerbie Bomber May Yet Get Some Justice
—Andrew I. Killgore

43 Abba Eban (1915-2002): An Idealist Ignored in His Adopted IsraelDonald Neff

45 In Memoriam: Alfred Leroy (Roy) Atherton, Jr. (1921-2002)Hermann Fr. Eilts

Special Reports

10 The Baku-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline—Whether There's Oil or Not—or BustAndrew I. Killgore

30 Turkey's New Leader Recep Erdogan Takes the EU Bull by the Horns—Jon Gorvett

32 Deadly Amateurs Arrested by Indonesia in Wake of Bali Bombing—John Gee

34 Democracy Is Back in Pakistan as Religious Parties Emerge as Serious Force—M. M. Ali

35 European Press Review: Moscow Thater Hostage Crisis Turns World Attention to Chechnya—Lucy Jones

36 Egypt's Ramadan TV Series Controversial at Home as Well as Abroad—Andrew Hammond

38 Still at Loggerheads, Kosovo's Serb, Albanian Communities Continue to Stagnate —Peter Lippman


3 Letters to the Editor

40 Issues in the News—Compiled by Nizar Wattad

42 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

47 Other People’s Mail

51 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CHRONICLE: Presbyterian "Pope" Addresses Sabeel Conference in Pasadena—Pat and Samir Twair

54 NORTHWEST NEWS: Much Ado About Palestine and Iraq in Oregon—Sister Elaine Kelley

56 NEW YORK CITY AND TRI-STATE NEWS: Dr. Ghada Karmi, Prof. Lev Grinberg Analyze Post-Oslo Mideast—Jane Adas

58 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CHRONICLE: Thousands Protest in San Francisco, Cal for Peace, Not War on IraqElaine Pasquini

60 EDUCATION: The Embarrassment and Stigma of Failing to Make the GradeBill L. Turpen

62 CHRISTIANITY AND THE MIDDLE EAST: Churches Struggle to Keep School Doors OpenFred Strickert

64 ISLAM IN AMERICA: One Year After Freezing of Assets, American Muslim Charities Start to Fight BackRiad Z. Abdelkarim, M.D.

66 ISRAEL AND JUDAISM: Supported by Labor and Likud Alike, Israeli Occupation Still Major Obstacle to PeaceAllan C. Brownfeld

68 MUSLIM-AMERICAN ACTIVISM: Record Crowd at 6th Annual CAIR Banquet

68 ARAB-AMERICAN ACTIVISM: Israeli Elections and Palestinian Prospects

70 HUMAN RIGHTS: Prospects for Democracy in Bahrain

73 STUDENT ACTIVISM: Middle East Studies Association Grapples With Change

77 WAGING PEACE: René Moawad Foundation, Center for Global South Conference on Youth in Lebanon

82 DIPLOMATIC DOINGS: Dr. Al-Iryani Examines Yemen's Emerging Democracy

83 FACTS FOR YOUR FILES: October/November 2002 Chronology of U.S.-Mideast RelationsCompiled by Robert Younes, M.D.

88 BOOK REVIEW: Persian Pilgrimages: Journeys Across IranReviewed by Hugh S. Galford