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August 2005 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S., Iraq, and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

July 2005 Cover7 The High Cost of OccupationsRachelle Marshall

10 At June 21 Summit Sharon "Humiliates" Palestinians, Thumbs Nose at U.S.Mohammed Omer

11 The Middle East: A Scoreless Game in Which Everyone LosesRichard H. Curtiss

12 What They Said: Senator Hillary Clinton Addresses The Annual Convention of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)

15 U.S. Gets Tough on Israeli Arms Sales to China—Andrew I. Killgore

16 Washington's Fateful Cover-Up of Israel's Attack On the USS Liberty—Paul Findley

17 USS Liberty Veterans Present Pentagon With Report on Israeli War Crimes—Delinda C. Hanley

20 Snapshots From Palestine—Michigan Peace Team

22 "Sharon, Why Did You Destroy My House?": Operation Rainbow a Year Later—Mohammed Omer

24 Palestine's "Spring of Democracy": Postponements And Prevarications—Samah Jabr

26 Syrian Envoy Calls on U.S. to Soften Its Anti-Syrian Rhetoric—Pat McDonnell Twair

27 Bush Nominee as U.N. Ambassador Doesn't Do Carrots—But Does Do Israel—Ian Williams

30 Congress Watch: Conyers Queries Bush, Rumsfeld About Buildup to Iraq War—Shirl McArthur

Special Reports

32 Ideology Trumps Economic Efficiency, as the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline Opens—Andrew I. Killgore

33 U.S.-Turkey "Strategic Partnership" Still Shaky After Bush-Erdogan Meeting—Jon Gorvett

34 Iran's Hard-Liners Reinvent Themselves—Saloumeh Peyman

35 The Subcontinent's Politics Take More Twists and Turns—M.M. Ali

36 Arab Press Review: Condoleezza Rice's Mideast Visit: The New Face of U.S. Foreign Policy?—Peter C. Valenti

38 European Press Review: Deutsch Welle Notes "Muted" Criticism of Shootings in East Uzbekistan—Lucy Jones

40 Six Months After the Tsunami, Still Packing Up the Pieces in Aceh—John Gee

50 IN/VISIBLE Art Exhibition Inaugurates Arab American National Museum—Maymanah Farhat


5 Letters to the Editor

42 Christianity and the Middle East: Marking the Palestinian Presence at the Heart of the Israeli State—Isabelle Humphries

44 Israel and Judaism: Which Israel Will Prevail: The One Which Wants Normality or the Messianic One?Allan C. Brownfeld

46 Southern California Chronicle: U.S. Views Ways To Secure Peace Through Israeli Prism, Warns Khalil JahshanPat and Samir Twair

48 Northern California Chronicle: Cairo Television Executive Reports on Egypt's HIV/AIDS Prevention EffortsElaine Pasquini

52 Arab-American Activism: ADC Celebrates Silver Anniversary

55 Muslim-American Activism: CAIR Fundraiser Spotlights Civil Rights

56 Human Rights: Iraqi Union Leaders Declare U.S. Policy Counterproductive

61 Waging Peace: Lebanon at a Crossroads

68 Diplomatic Doings

69 Other People's Mail

71 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

72 Book Review: Iraq: A Journey Of Hope and PeaceReviewed by Michael Gillespie

73 AET Book Club Catalog

95 Bulletin Board

96 2005 AET Choir of Angels

98 Publishers' Page

39 Index to Advertisers