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August 2007 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S., Iraq, and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

August 2007 Cover7 The Dangerous Legacy of OccupationRachelle Marshall

10 Will the West Allow the Dismembering of Palestine to Succeed?—Two Views—Akiva Eldar, Rami G. Khouri

12 In His Leaked End-of-Mission Report, U.N. Mideast Envoy de Soto Tells It Like It IsIan Williams

14 Burying the Hatchlings Alive: Israel Continues to Demolish Bedouin Homes and LivelihoodsIsabelle Humphries

16 Dancing to Different Drummers—But Dancing Nevertheless—Samah Jabr

18 For a Few Precious Hours, Gazans Try to Live a Normal Life—Mohammed Omer

20 When Will the Madness End? Ruminations on the Press, Iraq and Elected Leaders—James Abourezk

21 Trial of Former AIPAC Officials Delayed Yet AgainAndrew I. Killgore

22 The High Cost of U.S. Subservience to IsraelPaul Findley

23 In Memoriam: Dick Thompson: A Real American Patriot (1929-2007)Delinda C. Hanley

25 What Norman Finkelstein's Denial of Tenure Tells Us About the State of AcademiaRobert Jensen

26 Congress Continues to Apply Pressure on Iran, Won't Rule Out Military ActionShirl McArthur

Special Reports

28 How to Deal With a Coup d'Etat by an Elected Government? Wonders Robert FiskLucy Jones

30 Qatar's Education City Is Building Bridges to a Better FutureDelinda C. Hanley

32 Secularist, Islamist Labels Misleading in Turkey's Latest Political CrisisJon Gorvett

34 Paul Wolfowitz, Former U.S. Ambassador to Jakarta, Still Has Friends in the RegionJon Gee

35 Under Pressure, Musharraf Goes on the DefensiveM.M. Ali

36 A Journey of Discovery and HopeSara Rhodin

38 Silver Speaks: Traditional Jewelry From the Middle EastPeggy Hanson


5 Letters to the Editor

40 Christianity and the Middle East: Jericho Governor Sami MusallamJoel Carillet

42 Northern California Chronicle: UC Santa Cruz Students Rally to End Iraq WarElaine Pasquini

44 New York City and Tri-State News: An Evening of Solidarity With Dr. Azmi BisharaJane Adas

47 Southern California Chronicle: U.S. Has Only Made Saddam Hussain a Hero and Martyr, Says Iraq War CriticPat and Samir Twair

50 Israel and Judaism: Concern Growing About Jewish Groups' Liaison With Evangelical Israel SupportersAllan C. Brownfeld

52 Arab-American Activisms

ADC Members Meet Presidential Candidates
What Americans and Palestinians Can Do About the Occupation
Introducing Palestine-Family.Net: Making Memory Matter

53 Muslim-American Activisms

Muslim Team Enters Race for Cure
American Muslims for Palestine Commemorate the Nakba

54 Human Rights

Civil Liberties at Risk in War on Terror?
Noah Merrill on Iraqi Refugee Crisis
Pakistani Americans Voice Concerns

56 Music & Arts

"A Mighty Heart" Gives Balance to Daniel Pearl Tragedy
Syrian Artists Mesmerize Washington

57 Waging Peace

Where Do We Go 40 Years After 1967?
40 Years After: The Impact of a Prolonged Occupation
Rally and Teach-Ins Call for End to 40 Years of Occupation
Congressional Accompaniment Project Program 2007
Bethlehem University 2007 Graduates Plan Their Futures Amid Hardships of Occupation
USS Liberty Ceremony at Navy Memorial
USS Liberty Crew Waits 40 Years for Investigation
Bahraini Envoy Examines Gulf Security

63 Diplomatic Doings

Mosaic Foundation Gives Food for Thought
Omani Ambassador Inspires Villanova Graduates

66 Book Reviews

In Search of Peace
Reviewed by Matt Horton

67 AET Book Club New Arrival

68 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

69 Other People's Mail

71 Bulletin Board

72 2007 AET Choir of Angels

74 Publishers' Page

51 Index to Advertisers