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July 2007 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S., Iraq, and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

July 2007 Cover7 Walls That Shut Out PeaceRachelle Marshall

10 Gone Fishing—Mohammed Omer

11 "In the Name of Islam": Reality or Excuse?Mohammed Omer

12 Don't Hijack the Birds of PalestineSamah Jabr

14 Bush Vetoes Supplemental Appropriations Bill Requiring Troop Withdrawal From Iraq—Shirl McArthur

16 Wolf Blitzer, AIPAC, and the Saudi Peace Initiative—James Abourezk

18 Pro-Israel PACs: 2006 Winners, Losers and Other Curiosities—Janet McMahon

19 Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2006 Congressional Candidates

Special Reports

25 Middle East-Chinese Trade Ties Renew Old LinksJohn Gee

26 Morocco's Designs on Western Sahara Pose Danger to PalestiniansIan Williams

28 Democracy in Turkey Called "More Important Than Secularism"Lucy Jones

30 PKK Popularity Grows in Iraq's Autonomous Kurdistan RegionJon Gorvett

32 Greek MP Sgouridis Sees Kurds as Strong Players In the Puzzle of Middle East PeaceJanet McMahon

34 As Musharraf's Problems Continue, U.S. and India Finalize Their Nuclear PactM.M. Ali

43 "Venice and the Islamic World, 828-1797" Exhibit Explores Cross-Cultural InfluencesElaine Pasquini

62 Author Ibtisam Barakat Unites English Language, Palestinian MemoryRobert Hirschfield

In Memoriam

70Sarah Anne (Sally) Moore (1922-2007)Andrew I. Killgore

71Fawzi A. R. Elbakry (1926-2007)Sam Hilmy


5 Letters to the Editor

36 Northern California Chronicle: Bay Area Activists Mourn Iraqi Civilian DeathsElaine Pasquini

38 New York City and Tri-State News: Hanan Ashrawi Keynote Speaker at Palestinian Heritage Foundation CelebrationJane Adas

40 Southern California Chronicle: Scholar Ali Mazrui Calls on U.S. Democracy to Control American Military EmpirePat and Samir Twair

44 Arab-American Activisms

AAI's Gibran Awards Gala an Event to Remember
Helen Thomas Delivers Greenlee School First Amendment Day Address
UNDP Goodwill Ambassador, Egyptian Actress Yousra, Honored at DC Gala
New Group Works for "MY Right to Enter/Reenter" Territories

46 Muslim-American Activisms

CAIR-MI Annual Fund-raising Banquet a Remarkable Success
CSID Conference Spotlights Muslim Women's Rights

48 Human Rights

Nahla Al-Arian Speaks at Justice Department Rally
Easter Cluster-Bomb Hunt in Front Of White House

49 Music & Arts

Rebels for a Cause
Groundbreaking Art Exhibit Features 135 Israeli and Palestinian Artists
Fighting Occupation with Photos: Picture Balata U.S. Tour 2007
Clarifying Vision for Contemporary Art in Palestine

52 Waging Peace

Veterans, Military Families Protest War Funding
Panel Assesses "Covering Iraq"
Persian Girls Author at New York Public Library
Is the Muslim Brotherhood Moderate?
Former President Jimmy Carter Speaks in Iowa City
Jerusalem Women Speak of Peace
Meron Benvenisti Proposes One-State Solution With "Soft Boundaries"
Rafah Children Honor Rachel Corrie
Global Vigils Remember Deir Yassin
New Nakba Film Seeks Funding
Palestinian Embroidery Mother's Day Sale

58 Diplomatic Doings

Qatar Ambassador Bids Farewell

59 Israel and Judaism: AIPAC's Influence Continues to WaneAllan C. Brownfeld

63 Book Reviews

Burning Issues
Reviewed by Andrew I. Killgore

The Seventeen Traditions
Reviewed by Donald Neff

65 AET Book Club New Arrival

66 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

67 Other People's Mail

69 Bulletin Board

72 Travel Tips: Doha: Pearl in MotionMichael Keating

73 2007 AET Choir of Angels

74 Publishers' Page

15 Index to Advertisers