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May-June 2007 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S., Iraq, and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

May/June 2007 Cover7 Middle East Leaders Create New Opportunities for PeaceRachelle Marshall

10 Trying to Survive Under Sanctions—Mohammed Omer

11 Trial of Former AIPAC Staffers Scheduled to Begin June 4Andrew I. Killgore

12 Dr. Rafil A. Dhafir at Terre Haute Prison's New Communications Management UnitKatherine Hughes

14 Saudi Arabian King Abdullah Challenges Arab League to Solve Mideast Conflicts—Delinda C. Hanley

16 Jordan's King Addresses Congress on "The Denial Of Justice and Peace in Palestine"—His Majesty King Abdullah II

19 AIPAC Weighs in as Bills Opposing Push for War On Iran Gain Support—Shirl McArthur

22 Life in Gaza Before—and After—the 1967 War—Mohammed Omer

23 Ilan Pappé's Latest Book Exposes Zionist Ethnic Cleansing as Premeditated—James Abourezk

25 Norma Musih, Zochrot and the Nakba—Robert Hirschfield

26 Four Decades of Twisting Facts About Israel's Attack on the USS LibertyJames Ennes

28 Israel's Hush-Up Machine in Action: Denying Story Israel Executed Egyptian PrisonersRichard H. Curtiss

34 Why Did the United States Fail in its War on Iraq?Ibrahim M. Oweiss

36 Rice Picks Eliot Cohen, Neocon Champion of Iraq War, as CounselorJim Lobe

38 U.N. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad: An Able Representative of Inept U.S. Policy?Ian Williams

Special Reports

30 International Court of Justice Finds Serbia Innocent of Genocide, but not Entirely CleanPeter Lippman

32 Problems Continue to Mount for Musharraf, as Afghan Border Heats UpM. M. Ali

40 The Nuclear Wave: Arab World Caught Between Israeli Hammer, Iranian AnvilPeter C. Valenti

42 Peace Hopes Dimmed in Southern ThailandJohn Gee


5 Letters to the Editor

44 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

45 Other People's Mail

48 New York City and Tri-State News: In One of Her Final Lectures, Tanya Reinhart Discusses "The Spirit of Struggle"Jane Adas

51 Southern California Chronicle: Activist Claims Israel Condones Apartheid but Objects to World's CriticismPat and Samir Twair

54 Northern California Chronicle: "Notions of Expression: The Artwork of the Young Arab-American"Elaine Pasquini

56 Christianity and the Middle East: Open Bethlehem Exposes Israel's Systematic Strangulation of the Holy CityPat McDonnell Twair

58 Israel and Judaism: Gap Between Jewish Values, Israeli Policies Becoming Apparent to More Western JewsAllan C. Brownfeld

60 Arab-American Activisms

American Task Force For Lebanon Celebrates 20th Anniversary

60 Muslim-American Activisms

Georgetown Symposium on Islamist Politics
Muslims Launch Million-Signature Al-Aqsa Mosque Petition

61 Human Rights

Against All Odds: Women Partnering For Change in a Time of Crisis
Cheryl Rubenberg Discusses Palestinian Women's Rights

63 Waging Peace

Joseph Wilson Speaks at Iowa State University
CATO Speakers Support U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq
"West Bank Story" Provokes Dialogue at Busboys and Poets
Developing a Dual Israeli-Palestinian Historical Narrative
Catholic Peace Ministry Presents Twelfth Annual Bishop Dingman Award
AIPAC Conference Attendees Attack Rabbis
Afghanistan (Past and Future) and Its Public Health
Thousands in San Francisco Protest Iraq War
Protest Decries Iraq War
Anti-War Activists March on Pentagon

69 Diplomatic Doings

Washington Moroccan Club Hosts DC Mayor

70 Books

Christians and a Land Called Holy: How We Can Foster Justice, Peace, and Hope
Reviewed by Rebecca Baldwin

Hezbollah: A Short History
Reviewed by Margaret Hall

71 AET Book Club New Arrival

72 Bulletin Board

73 2007 AET Choir of Angels

74 Publishers' Page

59 Index to Advertisers