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August 2010 Table of Contents

Telling the Truth for 28 Years...

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans • Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S. Role in the Middle East and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

August 2010 Cover

8 Israeli Commandos Stop Peace Activists—But at What Cost?Rachelle Marshall

11 Americans Protest the Israeli Attack—Photos

12 Another Israeli Attack on the High Seas—Five ViewsLinda Brayer, Craig Murray, Patrick Seale, Patrick J. Buchanan, Uri Avnery

17 Israeli Democracy—Lost at SeaAwatef Sheikh

18 Israel Tries to “Goldstone” International Investigation of Flotilla AttackIan Williams

19 Peace Groups Slam High Court Ruling on “Terror Support”William Fisher

22 Bureaucracy vs. Occupation: Hamas Government Bulldozes Gazans’ HomesMohammed Omer

24 The Campaign Against Helen Thomas—Three ViewsPaul Findley, Ralph Nader, Saree Makdisi

27 Neoconservatives Lead Charge Against TurkeyJim Lobe

28 The Turkey-Brazil-Iran Agreement: Thanks, but No Thanks?—Four ViewsPatrick Seale, Robert Dreyfuss, Patrick J. Buchanan, Robert Parry

41 Switch to Petraeus Betrays Afghan Policy CrisisGareth Porter

43 Erasing Iraq Author Mike Otterman: The U.S. Has Inflicted “Sociocide” on IraqJeremy R. Hammond


32 Breaking the Siege on Capitol HillSusan Kerin

34 Money—But not Harman’s Own—Still Talks in CaliforniaJanet McMahon

35 Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2010 Congressional CandidatesCompiled by Hugh Galford

38 Israel’s Hijacking of Gaza Freedom Flotilla Draws Predictable Congressional SupportShirl McArthur


5 Letters to the Editor

7 Publishers’ Page

44 Southern California Chronicle: Academic Boycott On Israel Flexes Its Muscles—Pat and Samir Twair

46 Northern California Chronicle:Children’s Plea For Clean Water Inspires MECA’s “Maia Project” in Gaza—Elaine Pasquini

48 New York City and Tri-State News:Rabbi Lynne Gottlieb Describes Her Journey From Young Zionist to BDS Supporter—Jane Adas

51 Israel and Judaism: Blind Support for Israeli Policies Increasingly Seen as Imperiling Judaism’s Moral Integrity—Allan C. Brownfeld

54 Arab-American Activism:

ADC Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary
Palestinians in Their "Deepest Crisis Since '48"
Amy Goodman Discusses Mainstream Media

56 Human Rights:

USS Liberty Memorial Unveiled in Rochester
What Happened to the USS Liberty?
Perspectives of Afghan Women Leaders

58 Music & Arts:

MESTO Performs in Abu Dhabi
Leeza Ahmady Lectures on Contemporary Art in Central Asia

59 Waging Peace:

Ashrawi Charges Netanyahu With Stifling U.S. Peace Efforts
Gaza Holds Its Own World Cup
Palestinians Compete in Prestigious California Youth Science Fair
Speaking out on The Unspoken Alliance
Rabbi Arik Ascherman: There are "Limits to Human Rights"
Conference Calls for Creation of Caring Society
Outrage in L.A. Over Gaza Flotilla Attack
Iowans Protest Gaza Aid Ship Massacre
Free Gaza Protesters Dare Sherman to Arrest Them
Realigning America's Relations in The Middle East
Students for Justice in Palestine Remain Upbeat at UC Berkeley
U.S.-Iran At the Brink
Bangladesh Facing Serious Challenges
Kucinich Urges "Anti-War Teach-Ins" Across the Country

67 Other People’s Mail

69 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

70 Book Reviews:

The Unspoken Alliance: Israel’s Relationship With Apartheid South Africa—Reviewed by Ian Williams

71 New Arrivals From The AET Book Club

72 2010 AET Choir of Angels

73 In Memoriam: Michael W. Suleiman (1934-2010)—Andrew I. Killgore

74 Bulletin Board

73 Index To Advertisers