May-June 2009 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S., Iraq, and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

May-June 2009 Cover7 Obama Dims Hopes for a New Middle East PolicyRachelle Marshall

10 Israel Lobby Torpedoes Freeman Appointment—Four ViewsDaniel Luban and Jim Lobe, Amb. Chas W. Freeman, David Broder, Juan Cole

14 Former AIPAC Honcho Sues Israel Lobby for "Defamation"Andrew I. Killgore

15 Neocon Ideologues Launch New Foreign Policy GroupDaniel Luban and Jim Lobe

16 Israel Rejects Own Soldiers' Accounts of Gaza Atrocities—Mohammed Omer

18 Vote or Veto? Options for the Palestinian Minority In Israel—Awatef Sheikh

20 "Security" as Land Theft: The Case of Jayyous—William Parry

22 Israel Threatened by Shoes, Toilet Paper and Laundry Detergent—Mohammed Omer

24 Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Maliki Draws U.S. Troops Into Crackdown on SunnisGareth Porter

26 Iraqi Refugees, and Palestinians Living in Iraq, Need a Little Help From Their FriendsDelinda C. Hanley

27 Beware Those Treacherous AfpaksEric S. Margolis

28 America's Policy of Pre-Emptive War—Two ViewsPaul Findley, John V. Whitbeck

30 Congress Finally Passes FY '09 Omnibus Appropriations Bill, Including Foreign AidShirl McArthur

32 Mark Kirk Eyes Obama Senate Seat, Shelley Checks With MortJanet McMahon

32 Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2008 Congressional Candidates—Compiled by Hugh Galford

Special Reports

38 Dr. Tony SaidyJames G. Abourezk

39 Obama's Afghan Plan Deserves "Fair Wind," Says Britain's IndependentLucy Jones

40 Sectarian Violence in Egypt Diverting Attention From Political OppositionJoseph Mayton

42 The Flap Over Durban II: Anything but the Facts' Ma'am—Ian Williams

44 Indonesia Votes as Economic Crisis BitesJohn Gee

46 Gaza Prompts New Awakening Among Arab and Muslim YouthYasmin Qureshi

79 In Memoriam: Marwan Burgan (1955-2009)Jamal Najjab


5 Letters to the Editor

48 New York City and Tri-State News: Dr. Mustafa Barghouti Narrows "Big Gap" Between Gaza Reality, Americans' Knowledge—Jane Adas

50 Northern California Chronicle: Obama Administration Chose to "Stay the Course" on State Secrets, Rendition—Elaine Pasquini

52 Southern California Chronicle: Women's Changing Roles in Middle East Explored at Huntington Library Seminar—Pat and Samir Twair

54 Israel and Judaism: American Jewish Leaders Accused of Silence in the Face of Growing Racism in Israel—Allan C. Brownfeld

56 Arab-American Activism:

American Task Force for Lebanon Still Going Strong After 22 Years
University of Iowa Arab Student Association Forum Features Ibish
Success of Blanket Drive Shows Americans Do Care

57 Diplomatic Doings:

Tunisia Alters World Bank Food Policy

57 Human Rights:

Lancet Report Makes Palestinian Health Crisis Visible To Outside World
Attorneys Report on Israeli War Crimes in Gaza
Why Israel Will Probably Not Face Criminal Charges
The Iraqi Refugee Crisis

60 Music & Arts:

"Arabesque": Art at the Crossroads
"OMAN...O Man!" Performance Delights Audience
Poets Suheir Hammad and Nathalie Handal, Musician Marcel Khalifé Light Up the Kennedy Center
Karima Skalli Wins Hearts of MESTO Audience
Deir Yassin Remembered Minnesota Memorial
Moaveni Discusses Honeymoon in Tehran

63 Muslim-American Activism:

Muslim Americans: A National Portrait
Chicago Muslims Seek to Alter Americans' Perception of Palestine

64 Waging Peace:

Smithsonian Celebrates Norooz
MEP Panel Address U.S.-Iranian Relations
Obama Urged to Make Democracy in Middle East a Top Priority
Pakistani Americans Hold March
The Situation in Pakistan
Friends Rally for Tristan Anderson, Protest Israeli Shooting of Activist
Police Brutality Mars San Francisco Anti-War March
Jerusalem Fund Screens "Chronicles of a Refugee"
Levantine Center Hosts Gaza Benefit
CODEPINK Goes to Gaza
Congressmen Call for Gaza Crossings To Be Opened
Kerry Holds Hearing on Engaging Muslims Around World
Seven Arrested in Ash Wednesday Occupation of Sen. Harkin's Office
Robert Malley Speaks in Des Moines

74 Book Review

A Palestinian Christian Cry for Reconciliation
—Reviewed by Sister Elaine Kelley

75 New Additions To The AET Book Club

76 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

77 Other People's Mail

80 Bulletin Board

81 2009 AET Choir of Angels

82 Publishers' Page

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