Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, May/June 2006, page 58

Muslim-American Activism

Mosque Hosts Open House

The Islamic Institute of Orange County opened its doors March 19 to neighbors (Staff Photo S. Twair).

THE ISLAMIC Institute of Orange County/ Mosque of Omar al-Farouk has garnered more than its share of curiosity from motorists who drive past the architectural masterpiece in Southern California since it was completed last Sept. 30. With a glowing copper dome, stunning blue tiled Moroccan minaret and surrounding palm trees, the edifice is a dessert for the eyes to feast upon. The copper dome has been sealed and will gleam in the sun for at least five years.

When, in early March, controversy over the anti-Islam cartoons published in a Danish newspaper captured headlines around the world, the institute decided to invite Anaheim residents to visit its complex.

An ad and story in the Orange County Register announced an open house, under the theme “Who Is Muhammad?”

The several hundred non-Muslims who accepted the invitation received a warm welcome and partook of an excellent spread of Syrian delicacies, while hosts and hostesses answered questions about Islam.

More information about the complex, located at 1220 N. State College Blvd. in Anaheim, is available on its Web site, <www.masjidomar.com>.

—Pat McDonnell Twair

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