Title Created Date
Israel’s Attack on UNRWA School a “Hell of a Pinpoint Operation” 07-25-14
Academics Around the World Condemn Israel’s Attacks 07-24-14
Read Mohammed Omer’s Gripping Op-ed in Today’s New York Times 07-23-14
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You Can Stop the Carnage 07-11-14
Hoping to Survive in Gaza 07-10-14
June in Numbers 07-08-14
DC Monastery Holds Holy Land Festival 07-07-14
Mourning the Deaths of All Children; Update From Jerusalem 07-02-14
Something to Celebrate: All Charges Dismissed Against Sami Al-Arian 06-30-14
May in Numbers and Words 06-03-14
Can Pope Francis Bring Hope and Justice to the Holy Land? 05-23-14
Surveillance Video Shows IDF Soldiers Assassinating Two Innocent Palestinian Children 05-20-14
“In the Crossing” a Free Performance Tonight 05-12-14
Immediate Job Opening at AET's Bookstore 05-05-14
What Are You Doing This Weekend? 05-02-14
April in Numbers 05-02-14
Arab Idol Mohammed Assaf and Ziad Khoury in VA, May 11th 04-23-14
Accolades for Arena Stage's “Camp David” 04-16-14
Israel Bars Palestinian Olympian From Leaving Gaza 04-09-14
Suspend Israeli Football Association: Sign petition or Contact FIFA directly 04-08-14
Brief National Summit Survey 04-04-14
March in Numbers 04-02-14
Release of Spy Jonathan Pollard Should Be a Deal-Breaker 04-01-14
The Absurdity of the Christie “Occupied Territories” Scandal 03-31-14
U.S. Must Not Release Convicted Spy Jonathan Pollard 03-27-14
Please Support Mazen & Jamal Afifi Playground for the Children of Nahr el-Bared 03-26-14
National Summit a Resounding Success 03-09-14
Admitted Spy Shows Up for Oscars – and Wins 03-03-14
Will Hollywood Producer/Spy Attend Academy Awards? 03-02-14