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Podcast Focuses on Jewish American Opinions on Israeli Policies, Including Israel’s “Hysterical” Reaction to Political Dissent

Listen to a thought-provoking Podcast of Warren Olney’s “To the Point” program, broadcast by KCRW and NPR on April 17, 2012,   “American Jews and Faith in Israel.”  While we don’t agree with all the viewpoints expressed—except Rae Abileah’s— we are fascinated that American Jews are even having this dialogue. While Israelis can freely discuss these matters in their media, Americans largely avoid the subject.

Keep listening to the show…after a talk about gas prices, Olney introduces the subject: Palestinian statehood is in diplomatic mothballs, while the world focuses on crises in Syria, Egypt and other parts of the Middle East. On Sunday, Israel denied entry and deported several dozen pro-Palestinian activists who flew into Tel Aviv's airport. Hundreds of police and security personnel were deployed, although the protesters said their goal was to plant trees in Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank... 


Joel Greenberg: Jerusalem-based freelance reporter

Peter Beinart: City University of New York, author of The Crisis of Zionism*

Daniel Gordis: Shalem Foundation

Aaron Taxy: Trojans for Israel

Rae Abileah: Young, Jewish and Proud

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*An observant Jew and well-known journalist, Peter Beinhart, has created a firestorm with a book called The Crisis of Zionism. He argues that Israel's expanding settlements violate the Jewish commitment to equality and democracy. He concludes that a new generation of liberal American Jews is faced with a contradiction that the Jewish establishment fails to recognize. Will they support a state that's not living up to its founding ideals, or adhere to liberal Zionism while their support for Israel withers away?