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May 20, 2010

Check Out the New Digital Flip-Page Washington Report on Middle East Affairs,

Try our new digital, flip-page Washington Report on Middle East Affairs now available on our Web site, <>. The paper edition of the July 2010 issue will reach subscribers, libraries and bookstores between May 21 and 30, depending on their locations. The digital copy can reach your e-mail within hours of going to press. (It took a little longer this issue as we ironed out some problems”“but 1,129 visitors found it on their own—before we were ready for prime time.)

The July 2010 digital issue—our first—is free to all, a trial subscription, so we encourage you to pass it around to your friends and coworkers.

Subscribe to the digital issue of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, for the introductory rate of $29 a year. Paid digital subscribers will receive nine issues a year, starting with the August 2010 issue, which will arrive via e-mail on June 25.

Current subscribers to the print version of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, can receive the digital issue as well by adding $10 to their current yearly subscription. New domestic subscribers can receive both the print and digital versions of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, for $39 per year (see international rates as well as our check-out cart for more information).

In this election year, it’s crucial that the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, reach as many voters as possible. Our compilations of pro-Israel PAC contributions, congressional voting records and pro-Israel lobby information are not available through the mainstream media.  U.S. military aid to Israel continues at $3 billion every year, while Israel continues to build illegal settlements and impose for going on three years its crippling blockade on a million and a half people—the majority under 18 years old—who live in the Gaza Strip. This is news the mainstream media refuse to cover.

We hope new readers will discover the valuable information we’ve provided to our subscribers for 28 years. Click on the link below to subscribe to the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs,—and help us make a difference today!