June 1, 2010

Public Comment Sought on Special Prison Units

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs first reported in its May/June 2007 issue, the Bureau of Prisons has created special Communications Management Units (CMUs) which hold primarily Muslim prisoners, including Dr. Rafil Dhafir of Syracuse, NY and Albany, NY residents Imam Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossein.

On March 30, with the help of the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), Yassin Aref and six other plaintiffs sued the U.S. government to close down the CMUs as illegal (see the article by attorney Stephen Downs on p. 28 of the July 2010 Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, available at

The Bureau of Prisons is accepting public comment on the CMUs until June 7. We are forwarding the CCR’s press release urging concerned Americans to submit comments on these segregated and restrictive units.

Click here to read the CCR press release.