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August 2012 Donation Appeal

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, on Middle East Affair’s bi-annual donation appeal should be landing in your mailbox any day now—after a delay caused by a kerfuffle with the U.S. Post Office. Click here to read our entire urgent donation appeal. If you receive our “Action Alerts” by e-mail or enjoy reading the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, online for free, we strongly urge you to take this opportunity to subscribe or donate in order to keep this magazine afloat.

Because charitable giving is down since the recession hit, your financial support is needed now more than ever. Some longtime subscribers say they no longer can afford to keep up their magazine subscription.

If you can:

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Then please donate to the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.
Libraries facing budget cuts need additional free subscriptions—a tax-exempt donation to the AET Library Endowment will help make that possible.

We would like to extend our wishes for a blessed and peaceful Ramadan to our readers around the world who are observing this holy month of Ramadan.

Save postage and time and help us try to change U.S. foreign policy and perhaps even save the world from wars without end in the Middle East.