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Right now the May/June 2011 Washington Report on Middle East Affairs is reaching mailboxes, libraries and bookstores around the world. The flip-page edition, available to paying subscribers, is accessible on our Web site, <>. You also may notice the April 2011 flip-page Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, is now available to everyone online.

Free copies of the May/June Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, will be distributed at the National American Arab Journalists Association meeting in Dearborn, MI; the Move Over AIPAC conference in Washington, DC; the ICNA/MAS Conference in Hartford, CT; and the Muslim Funfest in Clarksburg, MD. It will also find its way to tables and panel discussions across the country, thanks to our readers and correspondents. The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, also provides free magazines to the National Press Club and the Palestine Center in Washington, DC, as well as to NGOs and national organizations across North America.

Our readership is growing—especially now when Americans are looking for in-depth news about North Africa and the Middle East. Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, readers dig deep into their pocketbooks to help fund charities, support new media, and patronize ethnic entertainment. They enjoy Middle Eastern food, music, films, books and travel, and they also care about political campaigns.

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The deadline for ad reservations in the July 2011 issue is May 6. New ads are due May 13. This issue will be mailed on May 23 and reach mailboxes and newsstands beginning May 27. The July 2011 Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, will be distributed at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination’s National Convention, the American Federation of Ramallah’s conference, and Dearborn’s Arab International Festival.

More and more people are discovering the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, both online and at events across the country. Our flip-page Internet version (which includes ads) is becoming increasingly popular, and readers around the world describe it as a valuable resource. And, as you know, every previous issue of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, is available for free online as soon as the current magazine is in the mail—so your ads will be on our Web site for years to come!


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