November-December 1996 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S. and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

6 Dangerous Myths About the Late, Great Peace Process—Richard H. Curtiss

7 Deadly Riots Quelled by Promise of Negotiations, But Still No Progress—Maureen Meehan

11 Netanyahu's Resumption of Shamir's Stalling Will Be Israel's Mistake—Rachelle Marshall

15 Peace Process: More Pilate Diplomacy by Clinton Team—Eugene Bird

16 The Jerusalem Tunnel —Two Inside Views
Grace Halsell and
Stephen J. Sosebee

18 Netanyahu's Siege of Palestinians Completes Triumph of Rabin's Assassin—Neve Gordon

19 Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu—Israel Shahak

21 An Unresolved Question—Did AIPAC Unmask Agnew?Paul Findley

29 It's Time for Arafat to Put Netanyahu on the Defensive—Paul Findley

40 Neturei Karta, Shunned by Media, Makes Jewish Anti-Zionism Known—Mitchell Kaidy

67-85 Tunisia: A Country that Works

67 Tunisian Beaches, Crafts and History Attract 4 Million Visitors Annually

68 Tunisian Economic Development Based on Moderation, Pragmatism

70 Tunisia At a Glance — By Shawn L. Twing (coming soon)

71 A Personal Reminiscence

72 Tunisia's Family Planning Success Underlies Its Economic Progress

74 Tunisians Express Dismay at Crumbling of Peace Process They Helped Start

75 As First Arab State to "Create Ministry of Environment, Tunisia Retains Its Lead

76 Justice Minister Describes Tunisia's Battle Against Islamist Takeover

77 National Institutes Concentrate on Developing Computer Geniuses

78 Tunisian Women Executives Face Different Problems Than in U.S.

80 Tunisia in History: The Country Which Gave Its Name to a Continent

82 President's Solidarity Fund Brings Development to Remotest Areas

83 Tunisia's Envoy to the U.S.: An Ambassador at the Top of His Form

85 Tunisia Deploys Scientific Researchers in Battle for Self-Sufficiency

Special Reports

22 Peace Still Eludes Shifting Afghan AlliancesHamed Madani

23 Turn of Events in Afghanistan—M.M.Ali

25 In Memoriam: Elmer Berger, 1908-1996Norton Mezvinsky

26 A Made-in-lsrael Policy Toward Iran—and America's Allies Laura Drake

8-24 Congress and the 1996 Election:

8 Congressman Dana Rohrabacher: An Expert on South and Central Asia—Shirl McArthur

9 Congress Calls for Sanctions If Israeli Technology Transfer to China is ProvenShawn L. Twing

10 Congressman Nick J. Rahall: An Expert on Middle East Affairs—Shirl McArthur

20 Senate Hearing Elicits Calls to Lift Lebanon Travel BanShirl McArthur

24Saving a Foundation in Ohio for National Muslim Political EmpowermentMahjabeen Islam-Husain


3 Letters to the Editor

12 Canada Calling: Edward Said Attacks Both Israeli Government and Palestinian Authority—John Dirlik

14 The Internet, the Middle East, and You: Intifada 11 Was No Surprise to Cybernauts—James M. Ennes, Jr

30 Issues in the NewsCompiled by Shawn L. Twing (coming soon)

35 Central Asia: The Progress and Problems of Uzbekistan and Kyrgystan—Gordon Feller

36 United Nations Report: U.N. Debate on Jerusalem Tunnel Isolates U.S. and Israel, Again—Ian Williams

38 Trade and Finance: Gaza: Make It a Free Trade Zone—Colin MacKinnon

46 Issues in Islam: OIC Hosts Symposium in Toronto—Faisal Kutty

47 Christianity and the Middle East: Ecumenical Peace Service and March Held in Jerusalem—Rev L. Humphrey Walz

49 Other People's Mail (coming soon)

27 Role of the U.N. in a Dangerous WorldKhaled Al-Maeena

28 Islamophobia in the WestDr Abdul Qader Tash

37 With Friends Like Qaddafi, Turkey's Islamist Prime Minister Erbakan Doesn't Need Enemies—James M. Dorsey

39 Oil and Gas in the Caspian Sea RegionGordon Feller

41 PAC Watch: Pro-lsrael PACs Outspending Rivals 522 to 1 in 1995-96 —Richard H. Curtiss and Geoff Lumetta

41 Election Watch: Despite Candidates, Muslim Americans Gained Some Ground in 1996 ElectionsRichard H. Curtiss

43 Public Opinion: Arab-American Voting Patterns Reflect U.S. Regional PreferencesRichard H. Curtiss

55 Book Review: Flight of the Lavi: Inside a U.S.-lsraeli CrisisReviewed by Shawn L. Twing

56 Arab-American Activism: Arab-American Forum Assesses U.S. Policy on Iraq
(coming soon)

56 Waging Peace: Scholar Predicts Ethnic Division of Afghanistan (coming soon)

60 Diplomatic Doings: CSIS Hosts Lebanese Prime Minister (coming soon)

60 Human Rights: Israeli Doctors Part of Torture Process (coming soon)

61 Muslim-American Activism: AMA Convenhon Features Speakers From Five National Muslim Organizanons (coming soon)

62 California Calling: Islamic Center Director Addresses Town Meeting on Palestinian Uprising —Pat and Samir Twair

96 Middle East History: November 1963: Lyndon Johnson Was First to Align U.S. Policy With Israel's Policies ”“ Donald Neff

97 Middle East History: December 1977: Christians in Israel Suffer Prejudice From Jewish Bigots—Donald Neff

99 Education: Preservice Teacher Training—Betsy Barlow

113 Bulletin Board (coming soon)

117 Facts for Your File: September 1996 Chronology of U.S.-Middle East Relations—Compiled by Janet McMahon

138 Publisher's Page

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