November 2008 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S., Iraq, and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

November 2008 Cover7 Israel Is Caught in a No-Win SituationRachelle Marshall

10 A Conservative Estimate of Total Direct U.S. Aid to Israel: Almost $114 BillionShirl McArthur

12 Al-Arian Family Reunited—But Justice for Muslims No Longer as American as Apple PieDelinda C. Hanley

14 Gaza Teachers Pawns of Both Palestinian PartiesMohammed Omer

15 "Free Gaza" Mission Accomplished—Safely, Successfully—Pat McDonnell Twair

16 The Poet Is Dead: Mahmoud Darwish (1942-2008)—Nathalie Khankan

17 The Dust and Stones of al-Birweh—Isabelle Humphries

19 Casualty of War: Censuring Truth in Palestine—Mohammed Omer

38 Charley Reese Bids Farewell—Three Columns


20 Muslim- and Arab-Americans Poised to Make a Difference in Battleground States—Delinda C. Hanley

22 Sarah Palin—New Darling of the Neocons—James G. Abourezk

26 If Pro-Israel PAC Money Talks, It's Saying Senators McConnell and Coleman Are in Deep Doo Doo—Janet McMahon

27 Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2008 Congressional Candidates—Compiled by Hugh Galford

Special Reports

24 Taking a Page Out of the French Playbook—Syrian Ambassador Imad Moustapha

31 The Mines Bush Planted in Iraq Could Derail Obama Policies and Strategy ThereFaruq Ziada

34 European Court of Justice Rejects Procedures Enforcing U.N. Terrorism Watch List—Ian Williams

36 Pakistan's New President Zardari Seeks to Consolidate His Hold on Power—M.M. Ali

40 "A Timely Exit," Says Britain's Guardian of Musharraf's Departure—Lucy Jones

42 China's Xinjiang Problem—John Gee

62 This Holiday Season: Buy Palestinian!—Matt Horton


5 Letters to the Editor

44 Southern California Chronicle: Theater of the Oppressed to Take Circus to West Bank for October Olive Harvest—Pat and Samir Twair

46 Northern California Chronicle: "Midnight at the Oasis" Party Celebrates Sonoma-Aswan Sister City Project—Elaine Pasquini

48 Israel and Judaism: When It Comes to Israel, American Jews Are "Not One," But of Many Minds—Allan C. Brownfeld

50 Arab-American Activism:

Mahmood Ibrahim Addresses AAPG

50 Music & Arts:

"Palestine in Paris" Celebrates Palestinian Arts and Culture
David Rovics Rocks Des Moines' Ritual Café

51 Human Rights:

Mosque Demolition in Israel
Activists Support Dr. Sami-Al-Arian

52 Waging Peace:

Holocaust Museum Vigilers: "Never Again" Must Include Palestinians
Muslims Who Saved Jews in WWII
Teens Return from Holy Land Tour
The Latin Patriarch in Washington
Deir Yassin Remembered Scholarships
Organizing Against Occupation with Finkelstein
Young Global Leaders Share Findings
Vigilers Respond to Questions About Palestine
No Military Answer to Iranian Non-proliferation
John Nichols Addresses Iowa Citizens For Community Improvement

59 Other People's Mail

60 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

63 Book Reviews

Guilt By Association: How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War
—Reviewed by Andrew I. Killgore

America's Defense Line: The Justice Department's Battle to Register the Israel Lobby as Agents of a Foreign Government
—Reviewed by Delinda C. Hanley

65 New Additions To The AET Book Club

71 Bulletin Board

72 2008 AET Choir of Angels

74 Publishers' Page

18 Index to Advertisers

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