December 2010 Table of Contents

Telling the Truth for 29 Years…

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans • Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S. Role in the Middle East and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

8 Palestinians Reject a “Compromise” That Means SurrenderRachelle Marshall 

11 The Corrie Trial in Israel: Seeking Answers and AccountabilityKatherine Gallagher 

14 Peace Talks, Palestinian Refugees and Their Right of Return—Two ViewsJohn Redwine, Salman Abu Sitta 

18 Operation Cast Lead Is Over, But the Nightmare ContinuesMohammed Omer 

20 Israeli Settlers Poison Olive Trees and Torch Mosques in the Wild West BankDelinda C. Hanley 

22 Senate Letter Sought to Prepare Ground to Blame Abbas for Peace Talks FailureShirl McArthur

24 Holding AIPAC Accountable—Two CasesGrant F. Smith, Janet McMahon 

27 Saudi Arabia and the Arab World Choose Peace—Now It’s Up to the U.S. and IsraelPrince Turki Al-Faisal Al Saud

30 Canada Loses Bid for Security Council Seat Due to Recent Unqualified Support of IsraelIan Williams

32 America’s Lost Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq Call for a Change in PolicyRachelle Marshall 

34 Report Shows Drone Strikes Based on Scant EvidenceGareth Porter 

36 The Case of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui: A Profile in Persecution and FaithMauri’ Saalakhan

Special Reports

38 Mixed News From Britain: Growing Solidarity With Palestinians—and IslamophobiaJohn Gee  

40 Family Members, Others Call for Independent Investigation Into Megrahi ConvictionDr. Jim Swire 

74 In Memoriam: Dr. Peter Anton Gubser (1941-2010)Andrew I. Killgore


5 Letters to the Editor

7 Publishers’ Page

42 Southern California Chronicle: Campaign Aims to Divest State Funds From Corporations Enabling Israeli Occupation—Pat and Samir Twair

44 Northern California Chronicle:California Lawmakers Celebrate Ramadan With CAIR at Seventh Annual Capitol Iftar—Elaine Pasquini

46 New York City and Tri-State News:Gaza Freedom Flotilla: “Fact, Fiction and the Law”—Jane Adas

49 Other People’s Mail

51 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

52 Israel and Judaism: The Prophetic Vision of Zionism’s Jewish CriticsAllan C. Brownfeld

54 Arab-American Activism:

San Francisco’s Arab Community Celebrates in Union Square

54 Human Rights:

Women as Barometer of Success, Stability From Iraq to Afghanistan

55 Music & Arts:

Dr. Riad Abdel-Gawad Discusses Egyptian Sufi Musical Traditions
Nurse Ellen Siegel Speaks at DC Screening of "The Gaza Hospital"
Powerful Algerian Film Opens
CAFAM Focuses on The Birth of Coffee

56 Muslim-American Activism:

CAIR Launches New Department to Address Islamophobia
Drake University Hosts Muslim Panel Discussion
Islamic Center Hosts Open House, Conference

58 Waging Peace:

Rashid Khalidi Notes Changes in Public Sphere
Blogging Out of Conflict
New Policy PAC Raises $12,000 for Congresswoman Donna Edwards
Prime Minister Fayyad Speaks Out On Building Palestine
Hilary Rantisi Speaks in Des Moines
The Israeli-Syrian Conflict Over the Golan Heights: Myths and Realities
Armenians of Jerusalem
ANERA Tells an Important Story to Americans and Palestinians Alike
Colman McCarthy Receives 2010 El-Hibri Peace Education Award
Iowa Human Rights Activists Protest FBI Excesses
9/11 Unity Walk

65 Diplomatic Doings:

Prime Minister of Tunisia Mohamed Ghannouchi
Saudi Arabia Celebrates 80th Anniversary

67 Book Review: Let the Swords Encircle Me: Iran—A Journey Behind the HeadlinesReviewed by Ian Williams

68 New Arrivals From The AET Book Club 

70 Bulletin Board

72 2010 AET Choir of Angels 

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