January-February 2012 Table of Contents

Telling the Truth for 30 Years…

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans • Interpreting North America for the Middle East

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8 The High Cost of U.S. Subservience to IsraelRachelle Marshall

11 The Bottom LineGeorge S. Hishmeh

12 Drumbeat for War on Iran—Two ViewsPatrick Seale, Patrick J. Buchanan

14 U.S. Reaction to Palestinian Membership in UNESCO Damaging at Home and AbroadIan Williams

16 The Man of Zakat Exemplified Appeal of Hamas’ Human FaceMohammed Omer

18 Dennis Ross: “More Israeli Than the Israelis”—Two ViewsRashid Khalidi, Alex Kane

21 Israel’s Members of Congress Continue to React to Palestinians’ U.N. BidShirl McArthur

Special Reports

23 As First Post-Mubarak Elections Begin, Egyptians Express Concern—and HopeJoseph Mayton

26 Rejecting Apology, U.S. May Hasten End of Pakistan as ClientGareth Porter

28 Myanmar: On the Road to Democracy?John Gee

34 Splendid Islamic Art on View in Glorious Galleries at Metropolitan Museum of ArtElaine Pasquini


5 Letters to the Editor

7 Publishers' Page

30 Northern California Chronicle: Youthful Creativity, Exuberance Dominate Annual Arab Film Festival—Elaine Pasquini

32 Southern California Chronicle: Tarzan and Arab See Their First Movie Show at Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse Ritz—Pat and Samir Twair 

36 New York City and Tristate News: Palestinian Ambassador Riyad H. Mansour Discusses U.N. Moves—Jane Adas

39 Other People's Mail

41 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

42 Israel and Judaism: Growing Concern About Israeli Behavior Exposes Limited Appeal of American Jewish Groups—Allan C. Brownfeld

44 Arab-American Activism:

ATFP Gala Features Prime Minister Fayyad

44 Muslim-American Activism:

CAIR Chicago Commemorates Arab American Heritage Month

45 Human Rights:

Peaceful Palestinian Freedom Ride Ends in Arrests
Visual Impact: B'tselem's Camera Distribution Project
Iqraa' Runs for Palestinian Education

47 Music and Arts:

Royal Opera House Shines Spotlight on Music in Oman
Amulet in Spirit Exhibit Showcases Yemeni Jewelry
New York Film Festival Spotlights Israel's Minorities
ARCE Lecture on Ancient Egypt Iconoclasm

49 Waging Peace:

HCEF Adds Another E, for Economy, to Its Name
Christians in the Holy Land
Building Interfaith Peace
The Long Overdue State of Palestine
Sabeel DC Metro Hosts Rev. Ateek
Saudi Prince Turki Al-Faisal Delivers Address at NCUSARs 20th Policymakers' Conference
Ambassador Discusses Libya's Challenges
Policymakers Discuss U.S.-Arab Business
Geopolitical Dynamics
Panel Debates Iranian Power
Arab Attitudes Toward Syria
An Overview of Syria's Revolution
"Egypt the Revolution" Conference
Assessing Tunisia's Elections
San Francisco Activists Rally for Egypt
Youth Leader Assesses Egypt's Future
Occupy Des Moines Confronts Anti-Muslim Activist
Well-Attended Iowa Conference on U.S. Policy in Palestine-Israel
POMED Panel on Moroccan Politics
Palestine Center Annual Conference: Consequences of Revolutions

60 Diplomatic Doings:

Jordanian Ambassador Addresses American Students
Turkish Republic's 88th Year

61 Bulletin Board

62 Book Review:

Divide and Perish: The Geopolitics of the Middle East—Reviewed by Andrew I. Killgore

63 New Arrivals From the AET Book Club

64 2011 AET Choir of Angels

43 Index to Advertisers

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