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An artist’s collage juxtaposes the real-life conditions Palestinian workers face in the occupied West Bank with Scarlett Johansson’s role as SodaStream spokesmodel. (Courtesy Electronic Intifada)

Kerry Lowers His Sights as Netanyahu Creates More Obstacles

Outside the U.S. Embassy in Amman, Jordan, activists demonstrate against U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his peace proposal, Jan. 29, 2014. (Khalil Mazraawi/AFP/Getty Images)

On the “Jewish State of Israel”

A Jewish settler (unseen at left) places the Israeli flag on a road sign as Israeli troops encircle Palestinian villagers protesting the army’s cutting branches off olive trees on a road leading to the illegal Jewish settlement of Tekoa, south of Bethlehe

In Memoriam: Dr. Eyad El Sarraj (1943-2014)

Dr. Eyad El Serraj at a 1993 press conference in East Jerusalem denouncing Israel’s use of torture. (Ruben Bittermann/Photofile)

United Nations Report: Despite Outcome, Ban Was Right to Invite Iran to Syria Talks

U.N. and Arab League envoy for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi (l) and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the Jan. 22 press conference closing the Geneva II peace talks on Syria. (Philippe Desmazes/AFP/Getty Images)

Yemen’s Insecurity Dilemma

Smoke rises from the site of a suicide car bombing at the Yemeni Defense Ministry building in the capital of Sana’a, Dec 5. 2013. (Mohammed Huwais/AFP/Getty Images)

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State Candidate Party Status Next Election Cycle Career Total Committees
Alabama Sessions, Jeff R I 2014 224,325 AS, B
Shelby, Richard R I 2016 199,825
Alaska Murkowski, Lisa D I 2016 62,100 FR
Begich, Mark D I 2014 6,500
Arizona Kyl, Jon R N 2012 170,525
McCain, John R I 2016 177,500 AS, C
Arkansas Lincoln, Blanche D I 2016 63,027
Pryor, Mark D I 2014 61,000 AS
California Boxer, Barbara D I 2016 245,794 FR(NE)
Feinstein, Dianne D I 2012 147,342 A(D), I
Colorado Udall, Mark D I 2014 48,250
Bennet, Michael D I 2016 12,500
Connecticut Blumenthal, Dick D I 2016 24,000 ?
Lieberman, Joe I N 2012 373,851 AS
Delaware Coons, Chris D I 2016 18,000
Carper, Thomas D I 2012 41,600
Florida Rubio, Marco R I 2016 5,100
Nelson, Bill R I 2012 127,221 AS, B, FR
Georgia Chambliss, Saxby R I 2014 84,500 AS, I
Isakson, Johnny R I 2016 41,500 W
Hawaii Akaka, Daniel K D I 2012 122,000 AS
Inouye, Daniel K D I 2016 262,425 A
Idaho Risch, James R I 2014 13,500
Crapo, Mike R I 2016 56,500 B
Illinois Durbin, Richard D I 2014 373,421 A(D, FO)
Kirk, Mark R I 2016 336,386
Indiana Lugar, Richard R I 2012 70,450
Coats, Dan R I 2016 68,060
Iowa Grassley, Chuck R I 2016 160,323 B
Harkin, Tom D I 2014 552,950 A(D, FO)
Kansas Moran, Jerry R R 2016 15,700
Roberts, Pat R I 2014 51,000 AS, I
Kentucky Paul, Rand R I 2016 2,000
McConnell, Mitch R I 2014 485,141 A(FO)
Louisiana Landrieu, Mary L D I 2014 205,389
Vitter, David R I 2016 82,000
Maine Collins, Susan M. R I 2014 109,000 AS
Snowe, Olympia R I 2012 89,500 I
Maryland Cardin, Benjamin D I 2012 93,015 W
Mikulsi, Barbara D I 2016 213,099 A(D, FO)
Massachusetts Brown, Scott R I 2012 4,000
Kerry, John D I 2014 23,502 FR
Michigan Levin, Carl D I 2014 728,737 AS, I
Stabenow, Debbie D I 2012 131,606 B
Minnesota Klobuchar, Amy D I 2012 32,835
Franken, Al D I 2014 5,680
Mississippi Cochran, Thad R I 2014 3,500 A(D)
Wicker, Roger F. R I 2012 49,900 AS,C
Missouri Blunt, Roy R I 2016 78,350
McCaskill, Claire D I 2012 19,335
Montana Baucus, Max D I 2014 349,648
Tester, Jon D I 2012 10,224
Nebraska Johanns, Michael R I 2014 22,250
Nelson, E. Benj. D I 2012 99,260
Nevada Ensign, John R N 2012 44,200 AS, B
Reid, Harry D I 2016 393,001 A(D)
New Hampshire Ayotte, Kelly R I 2016 14,500
Shaheen, Jeanne D I 2014 42,100
New Jersey Lautenberg, FrankDI2014 503,578
Menendez, Robert D I 2012 128,318 B
New Mexico Bingaman, Jeff D I 2012 272,425
Udall, Tom R I 2014 41,500
New York Gillibrand, Kirsten D I 2012 62,450
Schumer, Charles D I 2016 84,385 AS
North Carolina Burr, Richard D I 2016 34,250
Hagen, Kay D I 2014 8,000
North Dakota Conrad, Kent D N 2012 267,539 B
Hoeven, John R I 2016 29,500
Ohio Brown, Sherrod# D I 2012 63,750 IR
Portman, Rob R I 2016 16,500
Oklahoma Coburn, Tom R I 2016 23,500
Inhofe, James M. R I 2014 128,800 AS
Oregon Merkley, Jeff D I 2014 21,600
Wyden, Ron D I 2016 344,962 B, I
Pennsylvania Casey, Bob D I 2012 16,000
Toomey, Pat R I 2016 30,250
Rhode Island Whitehouse, Sheldon D I 2012 77,000
Reed, Jack D I 2014 158,850 AS
South Carolina DeMint, James R I 2016 28,470
Graham, Lindsey R I 2014 62,500 AS, B
South Dakota Johnson, Tim D I 2014 192,737 A(FO), B
Thune, John R I 2016 54,730 AS
Tennessee Alexander, Lamar R I 2014 8,000 FR
Corker, Bob R I 2012 14,000
Texas Cornyn, John R I 2014 67,480 AS, B
Hutchison, Kay Bailey R N 2012 31,000 A(D)
Utah Lee, Mike R I 2016 20,500
Hatch, Orrin G. R I 2012 57,700 I
Vermont Sanders, Bernard I I 2012 4,000
Leahy, Patrick D I 2016 145,911 A(D,FO)
Virginia Webb, James D N 2012 0 AF, FR
Warner, Mark D I 2014 39,000 AS, I
Washington Cantwell, Maria D I 2012 2,844
Murray, Patty D I 2016 195,293 A, B
West Virginia Manchin, Joe D I 2016 9,000
Rockefeller, John D. IV D I 2014 235,700 I
Wisconsin Johnson, Ron R I 2016 5,000
Kohl, Herb D N 2012 0 A(HS)
Wyoming Barrasso, John A. R I 2012 11,000 FR
Enzi, Mike R I 2014 26,250 B

KEY: The “Career Total” column represents the total amount of pro-Israel PAC money received from Jan. 1, 1978 through Dec. 31, 2010. S=Senate, H=House of Representatives. Party affiliation: D=Democrat, R=Republican, Ref=Reform, DFL=Democratic Farmers Labor, Ind=Independent, Lib=Libertarian. Status: C=Challenger, I=Incumbent, N=Not Running, O=Open Seat (no incumbent). *=Senate election year, #=House member running for Senate seat, †=Special Election. Committees: A=Appropriations (D=Defense subcommittee, FO=Foreign Operations subcommittee, NS=National Security subcommittee), AS=Armed Services, B=Budget, C=Commerce, FR=Foreign Relations (NE=Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs subcommittee), I=Intelligence, IR=International Relations, NS=National Security, W=Ways and Means. “–” indicates money returned by candidate, “0” that all money received was returned, “[]” = independent expenditures on behalf of candidate (not included in candidate totals). All 2012 races are in bold.


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