August 2012 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans • Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S. Role in the Middle East and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

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8 Netanyahu Tightens His Grip While Palestinians Stand FastRachelle Marshall

10 An Outpouring of Anti-Migrant Racism in IsraelJohn Gee

11 Palestinian Politics: A Plague on Both Their Houses, or Promise for the Future?Mohammed Omer

12 UNESCO Procedural Issues Not Quite Equivalent to Principles of International LawIan Williams

14 Obama Continues His DitheringGeorge S. Hishmeh

15 "Negotiations" Means Ultimatum When It Comes To IranRachelle Marshall

20 Muslim Americans Challenge and Inspire on Memorial DayDelinda C. Hanley

22 The American Press on the Death of the "Lockerbie Bomber"Andrew I. Killgore

34 From the Freedom Theater in Jenin to the Stage of London's Globe TheaterWilliam Parry

Congress and the 2012 Elections

23 House, Senate Pass Bills With War Hawks' Language on IranShirl McArthur

26 Lobby Money Talks, U.S. Congress Walks—Except This Year in New JerseyJanet McMahon

27 Pro-Israel PAC Contributions to 2012 Congressional CandidatesCompiled by Hugh Galford

Special Reports

16 Dangerous Games in SyriaEric S. Margolis

17 What Is Really Happening in Syria?Patrick Seale

19 Egypt Votes, a Dictator Is Jailed and the Military Takes More PowerJoseph Mayton

65 In Memoriam: A Legacy of Hope: Fahim Qubain (1924-2012)Dale Sprusansky


5 Letters to the Editor

7 Publishers' Page

32 New York City and Tri-State News: "Proud Palestinian" Archbishop Elias Chacour Seeks Friendship and Solidarity in U.S.Jane Adas

36 Northern California Chronicle: Jordanian American Heritage Day Celebrated at San Francisco City Hall—Elaine Pasquini

38 Southern California Chronicle: At KinderUSA Event, Finkelstein Predicts End Game of Arab-Israeli Conflict—Pat and Samir Twair

40 Israel and Judaism: Using the Civil Rights Act to Redefine "Anti-Semitism" as Criticism of IsraelAllan C. Brownfeld

42 Arab-American Activism:

Nakba Remembrance Ceremony At White House
Palestinian Cultural Office Honors Washington Report on Middle East Affairs,
AFSC Iowa Hosts AMPAL President John Dabeet

43 Muslim-American Activism:

Georgetown Symposium Addresses Minorities and Islam

44 Waging Peace:

Iran Nuclear Negotiations
Palestine's Ailing Economy
Post-Arab Uprising Gaza
Runners Supporting UNRWA Shatter Goals
Peace Luncheon Honors Susan Kerin, Olney Peace Vigil
Egyptian Liberals Discuss Their Country's Transition Process
Foreign Minister Offers Positive Take On Reform in Jordan
Discontent, Unrest Continue in Bahrain
Algeria: Too Stable?
Libya's Deputy Prime Minister Discusses His Country's Transition
Libya on the Eve of Elections
Sudan in Conflict
Security Sector Transformation in North Africa and the Middle East

53 Human Rights:

Iowa Veterans For Peace Screen USS Liberty Documentary
Remembering the USS Remembering the USS Liberty
Journalists' Security On-Site and Online

55 Music And Arts:

Photographing Kandahar
Middle Eastern Activists Find a Home in DC's Peace House
Poet Remi Kanazi, Artist Rajie Cook Demonstrate the Power of WORDS
Photographer/Farmer Vivien Sansour's Agro-Resistance
"Language Rooms" a Must-See Play

58 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

59 Other People's Mail

61 Bulletin Board

62 Book Review: Born in Jerusalem, Born Palestinian: A MemoirReviewed by Leila Diab

63 New Arrivals From The AET Book Club

64 2012 AET Choir of Angels

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