September 2012 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans • Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S. Role in the Middle East and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

8 What Occupation? No Such Thing, Say Israeli JuristsRachelle Marshall

12 Proof Found That in 1967 Israel Destroyed Centuries-Old Jerusalem MosqueJonathan Cook

14 Mubarak May Be Gone, But in Egypt's Jails His Legacy Lingers OnMohammed Omer

16 "Unbiased" Levy Commission Only Serves to Reinforce Israel's Political IsolationIan Williams

18 A Tale of Two Lobbies That Harm America: The NRA and AIPACDelinda C. Hanley

20 The Poisoning of Yasser ArafatUri Avnery

22 Yitzhak Shamir (1915-2012): Not the Only Terrorist Elected Prime Minister of IsraelJames G. Smart

Congress and the 2012 Elections

24 Nine Senators, 16 Representatives in 112th Congress' "Hall of Fame"Shirl McArthur

Special Reports

11 The Destruction of SyriaPatrick Seale

38 Intriguing "Cleopatra: Search for the Last Queen of Egypt" Exhibit Opens in L.A.Pat McDonnell Twair

40 As Egypt's New President Takes Office, Human Rights Groups Want Their SayJoseph Mayton

42 The Challenge Facing the IslamistsPatrick Seale


5 Letters to the Editor

7 Publishers' Page

44 New York City and Tri-State News: Yael Dayan Urges American Jews to Resist "Enforced Solidarity" With IsraelJane Adas

46 Northern California Chronicle: Supporters of the Egyptian Revolution Rally in San Francisco—Elaine Pasquini

48 Southern California Chronicle: Billboard Call to Stop Aid to Israeli Army Agitates Congressional Candidates—Pat and Samir Twair

50 Arab-American Activism:

ADC National Convention: "Taking Charge, Moving Forward"

53 Muslim-American Activism:

Getting Beyond American-Muslim Caricatures

53 Human Rights:

Kashf Foundation Leads Gendered Development in Pakistan

54 Music And Arts:

Mowahid Shah Launches His Book, Will & Skill

54 Waging Peace:

Glimpse at Pakistani Media Reveals Fractures and Progress
Panelists Suggest Cultural Solutions In Pakistan
Author Tackles Afghan Refugee Crisis
Getting to the Bottom of Yemen, "The Always Almost Failing State"
Post-Election Egypt
Road Bumps in Tunisia's Transition
Conference Explores Turkey Domestically and Internationally
Anti-Semitism Against Jews and Arabs: A Double Standard?
Munich Conference on One Democratic State
Presbyterian Church Votes to Boycott Ahava, Settlement Dates
Church Conference Finds Hope in Despair
Friends of Sabeel DC Barbecue
Panelists Discuss Future Strategies For Negotiating Peace in Palestine
Joshua Landis Discusses Syrian Uprising
Syrian Humanitarian Situation Sours
Syrian Demonstrations in the Southland
War on Iran Panel

67 Other People's Mail

69 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

70 Book Review: East of the Sun: A MemoirReviewed by Dale Sprusansky

71 New Arrivals From The AET Book Club

72 Bulletin Board

73 2012 AET Choir of Angels

74 Index To Advertise

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