November 2004 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S., Iraq, and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

November 2004 Cover6 A Formula for Perpetual War Rachelle Marshall

9 The U.S. Elections as Open Season for IsraelUri Avnery

10 Anger and Tears at Israel's Apartheid Wall, a Wound Slashing Palestine to the BoneAnne Gwynne

12 Two Years in the Making, "Al-Fawanees" Wows Them in RamallahMaureen Meehan

13 Making Music Under OccupationAndrew Kirkman

16 Israel Excludes Nonviolent Internationals Seeking to Protect PalestiniansKatherine Metres Abbadi

18 Kofi Annan Speech on Rule of Law Pre-empts Bush, Israeli Addresses to U.N.Ian Williams

21 Undeterred by Failure in Iraq, Neocons Push for U.S. Attack on IranAndrew I. Killgore

22 An Elegant Exit From IraqJohn V. Whitbeck

50 Hanna Elias' "The Olive Harvest" Set for DC Film Festival, Palestine Oscar EntryPat McDonnell Twair

74 Palestinian Handicrafts to Tempt Holiday Shoppers Across the CountryJudy Cloughen and Laila Al-Arian

Congress, AIPAC and the 2004 Elections

24 If You've Got It, Flaunt It (or Maybe Not): An AIPAC Primer—Janet McMahon

25 Action in Legal Case Against AIPAC—Andrew I. Killgore

26 New Spy Investigation Suppressed at Crucial Juncture—Richard H. Curtiss

28 What to Do on Nov. 2?—Four ViewsRichard H. Curtiss, Muhammad Ali Hasan, Paul Findley, Youssef M. Ibrahim

32 Muslims Promise a Whirlwind of Activity to Get Out the Bloc Vote on Election DayDelinda Curtiss Hanley

34 American Muslims Strategize Presidential Endorsement—Lisette Poole

36 Five Senators, 29 Representatives Included in 108th Congress' "Hall of Fame"Shirl McArthur

Special Reports

52 Arab Writers Ponder Whether U.S. Elections Will Mean Regime Change—Peter C. Valenti

54 Moscow Ignores Reasons for Beslan Siege, Says Russia's Kommersant—Lucy Jones

56 Female Imams in China; Old Grievances Resurface In Indonesia—John Gee

58 Ankara Warns U.S. to Observe "Red Line" Around Northern Iraq's Turkmens—Jon Gorvett

59 Thanks to Back-Door, but Legal, Maneuver, Pakistan Has New Prime Minister—M.M. Ali


5 Letters to the Editor

61 Issues in the NewsCompiled by Laila Al-Arian

64 Northern California Chronicle: Palestinians, Israelis Work Together for Peace in "Holy Land: Common Ground"Elaine Pasquini

66 Southern California Chronicle: Actor Alec Baldwin Receives MPAC Media Award, Warns About PATRIOT Act—Pat and Samir Twair

69 Education: More Restrictions On the Academic Life—and Probably Not the Last Ones—Bill L. Turpen

70 Christianity and the Middle East: Anglican Peace And Justice Network Statement On the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

72 Israel and Judaism: Israel's Aggressive Promotion of "Aliyah" a Rejection of Jewish Life Outside Israel—Allan C. Brownfeld

75 Other People's Mail

78 Book Review: Bad News From Israel—Reviewed by Paul de Rooij

79 AET Book Club Catalog

80 Arab-American Activism: Al-Awda Troupe Preserves Hope Through Music

80 Muslim-American Activism: ISNA Conference Prepares for November Election

82 Human Rights: The People Judge Bush

84 Waging Peace: NCUSAR Conference Looks at Restoring Arab-U.S. Mutual Trust

90 Diplomatic Doings: Pakistan Ambassador Qazi Named U.N. Special Envoy to Iraq

92 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

95 Bulletin Board

96 Middle East Marketplace

97 2004 AET Choir of Angels

98 Publishers' Page

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