altSeptember/October 2002 Postcard

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The Palestinian refugees’ legitimate right of return has been asserted time and again through numerous United Nations resolutions, all of which Israel disregards with impunity. For decades, the United States has blindly supported Israel’s constant violation of international law. Our apathy in this regard has resulted in 53 years of Palestinian suffering—three generations of Palestinians forced to live and die in squalid refugee camps. Their crime in the eyes of the United States and Israel, it seems, is that they were born Palestinian. In my eyes, the real criminals are those who rail against international law and world opinion, exempting themselves from the obligations faced by every other nation on earth. As a citizen of the U.S.A. whose tax dollars enable and perpetuate Israeli injustice, I am unwillingly implicated in these crimes. As my senator, it is your responsibility to clear my name and bring justice to 5 million Palestinian refugees.

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