altDecember 2002 Postcard

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As the world debates a war against Iraq for flouting U.N. resolutions, I would like to remind you that Israel has been condemned by the U.N. Security Council not 16 times, like Iraq, but 84 times. Since 1967, Israel has violated 67 resolutions condemning its war crimes, including deportation of civilians, illegal annexation, colonization and occupation of foreign land, as well as for killing 17,000 civilians and destroying civilian property in its 1982 invasion and occupation of southern Lebanon.

Iraq has agreed to re-admit weapons inspectors to search for nuclear, biological or chemical weapons. Israel, on the other hand, has never allowed inspectors to examine its nuclear reactor and weapons facility near Dimona or its biological and chemical weapons institute in Nes Ziona south of Tel Aviv, described by The Times of London as “one of the most advanced germ warfare institutions in the Middle East.” I urge you as my senator to work to ensure that both Iraq and Israel come clean with their weapons of mass destruction.