September 2003 Postcard

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Israel is building a wall inside the internationally accepted borders of the West Bank. Most of the wall is made up of parallel barbed-wire fences with a trench or some other obstacle in between. Some segments of the wall are solid concrete, more than 20 feet high and interspersed with guard towers.

Israeli bulldozers have razed Palestinian-owned homes, farms, and 83,000 trees, clearing a path for what Palestinians call the “Apartheid Wall.” The new ugly scar cleverly envelopes wells, aquifers and other water sources, as well as illegal Israeli outposts and settlements. Israel’s “Security Wall” will completely enclose several Palestinian cities, cutting them off from the rest of the West Bank. Israeli armed guards and checkpoints will continue to restrict the right to travel for ordinary men and women.

The United States, which helped tear down the Berlin wall, is actually financing Israel’s wall. As my representative I ask you to block all aid until Israel makes a serious committment to peace. Tell Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to “Tear down this wall.”