October 2003 Postcard

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The future of Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem is in jeopardy. Other non-governmental Christian organizations in Israel are facing the same threat of losing their tax-exempt status.

Prime Minister Sharon pressured the White House to close U.S. Muslim relief organizations in December 2001. Muslim charity funds were frozen and their offices raided.

At a time when Palestinians are facing severe hardships, Israel is making it impossible for Christian or Muslim charitable organizations to accomplish their missions.

By contrast, American Jewish tax-free donations have long helped close the funding gap in Israel’s social services, caused by that nation’s heavy spending on military and defense. From 2001-2002, Israel Now’s campaign raised $400 million, tax-free, to purchase armored vehicles, bullet-proof glass for houses in illegal settlements and support services for Israel Defense Forces soldiers.

Please put an end to tax-exempt status for Jewish agencies collecting billions of dollars each year for Israel if the Jewish State will not end its persecution of non-Jewish humanitarian agencies.