November 2003 Postcard

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DEAR SENATOR or REPRESENTATIVE:The U.S. government should impose sanctions on any country that:

  1. Builds settlements on land it illegally occupies. Israel offers financial inducements and tax breaks to entice settlers, and provides floodlights, roads, power, and even guards for new outposts every day.
  2. Constructs a wall outside its own borders. Israel is bulldozing Palestinian orchards, farms, businesses, and homes to make way for the separation wall. The wall extends deep into Palestinian territory in order to include illegal Israeli settlements, and isolates Palestinians from their fields, workplaces, hospitals, schools and water sources.
  3. Restricts the freedom of an entire population. Israel subjects Palestinians to collective punishment by random closures and curfews, and assassinates Palestinian leaders and activists and innocent civilians in their vicinity.
  4. Bombs a sovereign nation. Israel’s Oct. 5 attack on its peaceful neighbor, Syria, flouts international law.

Please delay U.S. aid and loan guarantees to Israel until Israel tears down the wall, evacuates settlements, and withdraws to internationally accepted borders.

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