January/February 2004 Postcard

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Palestinian, Israeli, and U.S. citizens are all tired of the death and destruction, the enormous expenditures of money, and the continuing crisis in the Middle East. Please use every opportunity to support the growing numbers of Israelis and Palestinians calling for tough concessions and a final peace agreement.

Do not allow stalling and foot-dragging from Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. No Palestinian leader can fulfill Sharon’s demands without giving hope to his people and a guarantee of a viable state. And while Palestinian hope flounders, Sharon builds facts on the ground in defiance of world opinion. Insist that Israel stop building new settlements and the wall that cuts deep into Palestinian land. No more assassinations, closures and arrests.

Please help bring peace to this region in 2004. Do your best to ensure a happy and safe new year for Palestinians, Israelis, and Americans alike. 



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A new year could bring a new future to these children. (Musa Al-Shaer).

With the new year comes a new opportunity for peace in Palestine and Israel. Several peace initiatives are being pursued by various parties. The Quartet’s “road map” and the “Geneva Accord” proposed by Palestinian and Israeli citizens are each receiving much publicity. 
Additionally, more and more Israelis are joining the refusniks, and calling for justice in the occupied territories. More and more American citizens are becoming informed and joining peace movements. Yet this winter more and more Palestinians are facing hunger and unemployment.

In 2004, the U.S. could foster real peace on earth based on both official and grass roots attempts to resolve this half-century-old issue. Please add your support to this endeavor.

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