WRMEA Archives 1988-1993

January 1991 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The Gulf Crisis

5 The Bush Buildup—Richard H. Curtiss

10 Boston Peace Demonstration—Tarek El Heneidy

12 Define Our Objectives—Michael Collins Dunn

18 Words to Remember: US Into War?

33 How Can the Current Middle East Crisis Be Solved Peacefully?—Six Views
George W. Ball
George Thompson
Robert V. Keeley
Gene Bird
Zbigniev Brzezinski
Richard H. Curtiss

41 A Kuwaiti Who Fights Back—Kurt Holden

48 Saudi Friendship Delegation

61 What They Said: Excerpts From Senate Testimony

Special Reports

7 Lebanese Militias Withdraw—Marilyn Raschka

15 ADC Conference on Lebanon—Frank Collins

22 The Mosque at Ayodhya a Test for India—M.M. Ali

24 Civil War and Drought in Sudan—Jean N. Mainer

65 Unified Yemen: The First Rocky Months—John Egan

72 Islamic Academy—Dima Zalatimo

86 Feeling Good About the Hostages—Andrew I. Killgore

87 The Murder of Dany Chamoun—Maha Samara

The United States, Israel and the Intifada

6 Shamir's Disatrous Manipulation—Israel Shahak

8 The "Temple Mount Faithful"—Grace Halsell

11 Shamir-Bush Confrontation—Nathan Jones

13 Taha's Song—Brother Patrick White

14 Palestine and the New World Order—Bishara Bahbah

26 The Intifada: From Stones to Knives—Frank Collins

27 Soviet Immigration—Israel Shahak

28 New Arab Strategy in UN—Russell W. Goodman

29 Kahane's Role in Life and Death—Sheldon L. Richman

31 Words to Remember: Is Israel's "Special Relationship" With the US Changing?


4 Letters to the Editor

16 Seeing the Light in Saudi Arabia

17 Seeing the Light in Iraq

19 Security & Intelligence—M. Dunn

20 Congress—Dennis J. Wamsted

21 View From the Hill—G. Moses

23 Maghreb Mirror—Jamal Amiar

30 The Other Side—A. Lilienthal

32 Personality: Albert Mokhiber

39 Canada Calling—John Dirlik

40 Islamic Forum: Taking Hostages

43 Figure it Out

44 Issues in the News

47 Facts for Your Files

56 Islam in America—Dima Zalatimo

57 Human Rights—Sally C. Nyhan

57 Jews and Israel—Andrea Barron

59 Arab Americans—C. Willford

60 Religion—Rev.L. Humphrey Walz

66 Trade and Finance—John Haldane

67 From the Hebrew Press—I. Shahak

68 Other People's Mail

71 From CNI—Paul Findley

73 Books: Every Spy a Prince

91 Publishers' Page