June 1993 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The United States, Israel, and the Intifada

6 The Death of the Middle East Peace Process—Richard H. Curtiss

12 U.S. Loan Guarantees to Israel Hurt U.S. Borrowers—George Moses

13 Affairs of State: Ambassador to Israel is Reassigned—Gene Bird

14 AIPAC'S 1993 Convention: Scuffling on the Bridge—Ian Williams

15 Clinton Under Pressure to Grant Clemency to Pollard—Paul Findley

16 Israeli Death Squad Mistakenly Executes Israeli Soldier—Frank Collins

17 Now It's the ADL Spy Case—Rachelle Marshall

18 The Changing Role of the Anti-Defamation League—Alfred L. Lilienthal

19 The USS Liberty Assault: Still Covered Up After All These Years—James M. Ennes Jr.

20 How LBJ's Vietnam War Paralyzed His Mideast Policymakers—Grace Halsell

7-8, 26 Bosnia: "Never Again"?

7 Bosnia: Why the Yanks, at Their Own Pace, Probably Are Coming—Richard H. Curtiss
8 Words to Remember: The Making of Decisions on Bosnia, April 13-May 16, 1993
26 What Should the U.S. Be Doing About Bosnia? Three Congressional Views:
Rep. Frank McCloskey
Sen. Russ Feingold
Sen. Joseph Biden

Special Reports

46Turkey Loses Turgut Ozal at Pivotal Moment in His Nation's History—Michael Collins Dunn

47 About-Turn in Pakistan Again—M. M. Ali

49 Reconstructing Lebanon: The Role of President Elias Hrawi—Marilyn Raschka

55 In Memorium: Lutfi Abdul Rahman Al-Abed—Andrew I. Killgore


5 Letters to the Editor

22 Issues in the NewsCompiled by Greg Noakes

29 People Watch: Old Familiar NamesLucille Barnes

30 Other People's Mail

39 Public Opinion: More Americans Back Intervention—Kurt Holden

41 Alchemy Watch: Mixing Religion and Politics

48 Education: American Library Association to Debate Israeli Censorship—Andrea Lorenz

50 Seeing the Light: Protesting the Injustices I Preferred Not to See—David R. Willcox

52 United Nations Report: As Europeans Stall Bosnia Action, U.N. Mission Harassed by Serbs—Ian Williams

54 Security and Intelligence: Iran Continues to Test Gulf Waters—Michael Collins Dunn

56 Maghreb Mirror: Morocco Declares "War on Drugs"—Greg Noakes

57 Canada Calling: Politicians Praise Israel at Canada-Israel Meeting—John Dirlik

61 Arab-American Activism: 10th Annual ADC Convention—Catherine M. Willford

62 Human Rights: Egyptian Human Rights Organization Documents Abuses—Andrea W. Lorenz

64 Jews and Israel: Pro-Israel Leaders Back Packwood—Sheldon Richman

65 Christianity and the Middle East: Israeli-Barred Palestinian-American Minister Now Speaking Out in U.S.—Rev. L. Humphrey Walz

68 California Chronicle: NAAA Chapter Honors Saudi Consul General—Pat and Samir Twair

70 Book Review: Deliberate Deceptions: Facing the Facts About the U.S.-Israeli Relationship—Reviewed by Richard H. Curtiss

101 March-April 1993 Chronology of U.S.-Middle East Relations—Compiled by Janet McMahon

110 Bulletin Board

111 Publishers' Page

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