December 2005 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S., Iraq, and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

December 2005 Cover7 Why the U.S. Can't Win in IraqRachelle Marshall

9 Americans Protest War on Iraq—Photographs

10 "Scooter" Libby Emerges From the Shadows—However UnwillinglyRichard H. Curtiss

12 Sharon Makes Sure There Will Be No Peace TalksRachelle Marshall

14 Poisoned Honey: Israeli Tactics in Post-Engagement Gaza—Mohammed Omer

16 "Nothing Lasts Forever": Nasser Al-Kidwa on Israeli Occupation, Wall, Checkpoints—Delinda C. Hanley

18 Ellie Armon: Teenage Israeli Refusenik—Robert Hirschfield

20 Out of Sorrow, Celebration—A City Reunites After Israel's Withdrawal—Mohammed Omer

22 25 Years After His Death, Dr. Fayez Sayegh's Towering Legacy Lives On—Andrew I. Killgore

24 Karen Hughes' "Listening Tour" and Its Aftermath—Two Views—Lucy Jones, Fawaz Turki

27 Israel-Firster Cheryl Halpern Named Head of Corporation for Public Broadcasting—Richard H. Curtiss

28 Domestic Issues Keep Congress From Meddling in the Middle EastShirl McArthur

29 Congressional Field Trips to Israel—Janet McMahon

Special Reports

30 Massive Earthquake Underscores Artificial Nature Of Kashmir Boundaries—M.M. Ali

32 Israel Seeks Gaza Withdrawal Reward From Muslim-Majority Countries—John Gee

34 Israel's Current U.N. Offensive Gets By With a Little Help From Its Enemies—Ian Williams

36 Mohamed ElBaradei Named Man of Peace: The Politics of the Nobel Peace Prize—Peter C. Valenti

38 Obstacles and Optimism as Turkey Embarks on EU Accession Talks—Jon Gorvett

40 Austria "Wants to Keep Muslim Countries Out of EU," According to German Paper—Lucy Jones

42 The American University of Beirut: A Year of Tragedy and Hope—Marvine Howe

77 'Tis the Season for Charitable Giving: A Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Compendium—Compiled by Matt Horton


5 Letters to the Editor

44 Southern California Chronicle: British MP Galloway Takes Emperor's Clothes Off Bush and His Mideast Policies—Reviewed by Sara Powell

46 New York City and Tri-State News: Princeton Panelists Share Cautionary Tales of Dangers to Academic FreedomJane Adas

49 Northern California Chronicle: Feinstein Knows Iraq War Is Wrong, Should Bring Troops Home, Says Cindy SheehanElaine Pasquini

51 Other People's Mail

54 Judaism and Israel: Religious Zionism Suffers a Crisis of Faith in Wake of Israeli WithdrawalAllan C. Brownfeld

56 Arab-American Activism: Arab Americans Give Back to Their Country

58 Muslim-American Activism: Bell, Boeing and TM Advertising Blame Others for Their Tasteless Ad

59 Human Rights: "Good Kurd, Bad Kurd" Screened

61 Waging Peace: HCEF Calls For Assistance to Holy Land Christians

68 Diplomatic Doings: Prince Hassan Calls for Conversation With Arab World, Not Monologue

70 Book Reviews: A Sultan in PalermoReviewed by Sara Powell

71 AET Book Club New Arrivals

76 Bulletin Board

80 2005 AET Choir of Angels

82 Publishers' Page

15 Index to Advertisers

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