January-February 2007 Table of Contents

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans—
Interpreting North America for the Middle East

The U.S., Iraq, and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

Jan/Feb 2007 Cover7 Rise of Extremist Avigdor Lieberman Makes U.S.-Israel Alliance More DangerousRachelle Marshall

10 James Baker, Israel, and the Iraq Study Group Report—Two Views—Uri Avnery, John V. Whitbeck

13 I Want to Keep My WifeGhassan Abdullah

14 How Gaza Offends Us AllJennifer Loewenstein

16 Fishing for Freedom: The Anglers of Gaza's Internet Cafés—Mohammed Omer

18 A Call for International Commemoration of Nakba 60—Isabelle Humphries

19 U.S. Appeals Court Affirms Designation of Kahane Chai, Kach as Terrorist Groups—The DC Investigative Journalism Collective

26 The Crisis in Lebanon: Who Benefits?—Two Views—Patrick Seale, Rami G. Khouri

28 UNICEF Extends Helping Hand to Traumatized Children of Lebanon—Samaa Abu Sharar

51 Nida Sinnokrot: A Palestinian Filmmaker's Story Of the WallRobert Hirschfield

Congress and the 2006 Elections

22 Pro-Israel PACs Not Invincible in U.S. Mid-Term Elections; Complications EnsueJanet McMahon

24 Mid-Term Elections Will Have Mixed Effects on Middle East IssuesShirl McArthur

Special Reports

25 Does Iran Need the Bomb to Protect Its Security?—Andrew I. Killgore

30 As Senate Approves India Nuclear Deal, Chinese President Visits India, Pakistan—M.M. Ali

31 Departing the U.N.: Bolton the Contemptuous, Annan the Diplomat—Ian Williams

33 A Year After Lifting Ban on U.S. Arms Sales, Bush Visits Indonesia—John Gee

34 Visiting Turkey, Pope Seeks to Improve Relations With Muslims, Orthodox Christians—Jon Gorvett

36 Bulent Ecevit (1925-2006): a Turkish Leftist Who Changed With the Times—Richard H. Curtiss

38 A Tale of Two Cities: The Struggle to Return Continues in Bosnia—Peter Lippman

40 Saddam's Execution "Would Make Him a Martyr," Writes Spain's El Pais—Lucy Jones


5 Letters to the Editor

42 Northern California Chronicle: Bring the Troops Home, End Occupation of Iraq, Demand San Francisco ProtestersElaine Pasquini

44 Southern California Chronicle: PCRF Provides Medical Care to Maimed Palestinian, Other Arab ChildrenPat and Samir Twair

48 New York City and Tri-State News: Norman Finkelstein Discusses "Prospect for Peace" at RutgersJane Adas

52 Israel and Judaism: Free Speech Under Attack When It Comes to Discussing the Middle EastAllan C. Brownfeld

54 Arab-American Activisms

Foreign Nationals Consider Legal Action Against Israel
Peace Activist Returns from West Bank

55 Muslim-American Activisms

Karen Armstrong Looks at "Islam: The Misunderstood Religion"
CAIR Holds 12th Annual Fund-raising Banquet
Building Bridges: A Conference in Ames, Iowa on Islam in America
The Death Penalty in The Islamic Legal Tradition

58 Human Rights

The State of Democracy in Yemen
Lebanese Teacher Recalls War
Tunisian Women Celebrate 50 Years

59 Waging Peace

Jerusalem Women Speak on 12th National Tour
HCEF Conference Opens Doors of Hope in Faith
15th Annual Arab-U.S. Policymakers Conference
Middle East Institute Celebrates 60 Years
Rashid Khalidi at UCLA
Save Gaza Launched in Washington, DC
Breaking the Silence in DC
Craig and Cindy Corrie Find Warm Welcome in Des Moines
"Stop the War: Words and Music"
New America Media Awards

67 Other People's Mail

69 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

70 Books

The Second Palestinian Intifada: A Chronicle of a People's Struggle
Reviewed by Prof. Fred A. Wilcox

71 AET Book Club New Arrival

77 In Memoriam: Fathia El-Bakry (1936-2006)—Kate Hilmy

78 Travel Tips: Madaba: A Rest Stop on the Map of the Middle East—Michael Keating

79 2006 AET Choir of Angels

82 Publishers' Page

41 Index to Advertisers

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