September-October 2009 Table of Contents

The U.S., Iraq, and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

7 How the War in Afghanistan Undermines Obama's Other GoalsRachelle Marshall

10 Irving Moskowitz's Bingo MadnessRichard Silverstein

11 Israel's Latest Attempt to Wipe Palestine Off the MapMohammed Omer

12 In Beit Sahour, Squeezed Between a Rock and Hard PlaceAwatef Sheikh

14 Hamas a Necessary Partner for Peace—Jan Elshout

16 Only Israel Knows Why Yousef and his Mother Are in Jail—Mohammed Omer

18 Obama Allowing Netanyahu Government to Be Hoist by Its Own Petard—Ian Williams

20 FBI Takes a Bite out of Jewish Organized Crime and Political Corruption—Delinda Hanley

22 Foreign Aid Appropriations Appear on Track for PassageShirl McArthur

24 Liberty Author Responds to Washington Post ReadersJames Scott

25 Robert Strange McNamara (1916-2009)James M. Ennes, Jr.

Special Reports

28 Xinjiang:”ˆBarking Up the Wrong TreesJohn Gee

29 Pakistan Still Menaced by TalibanM.M. Ali

30 Did Police Kill Palestinian-American Husien Shehada for Speaking Arabic?Meriana Alrabadi

31 European Press Ignores Murder of Egyptian Woman in German CourtroomLucy Jones

68 In Memoriam:”ˆHuda Al-Masri Sosebee (1962-2009)Delinda C. Hanley

69 In Memoriam:”ˆSam Maloof (1916-2009)Pat McDonnell Twair


5 Letters to the Editor

34 New York City and Tri-State News: Rabbi for Human Rights Leader Warns of Increasing Israeli Intransigence—Jane Adas

36 Southern California Chronicle: AFSC-LA Art Exhibition Spotlights Poets, Painters of the Arab World—Pat and Samir Twair

38 Northern California Chronicle: San Francisco Warmly Welcomes Exhibit on Tutankhamun, Golden Age of the Pharaohs—Elaine Pasquini

40 Israel and Judaism: It Is Becoming Increasingly Clear That Israel Cannot Have Both Settlements and Peace—Allan C. Brownfeld

42 Music & Arts:

Simone Bitton's "Rachel"
Iowa City Street Theater Troupe Gives Voices to Palestinian Woman
"Amreeka" to Screen Nationwide
Ben White Discusses His New Book

44 Diplomatic Doings:

Saudi Arabian Students Honored

44Human Rights:

Families and Supporters of Muslim Defendants Meet, March in Albany
Obama Justice Department Seeks Dismissal of Torture Lawsuit

45 Waging Peace:

Irish Cyclists Denied Entry to Gaza After Trans-Europe Journey
London to Paris Bike Ride Raises $130,000 for Gaza
2009 Rachel Corrie Ramadan Soccer Tournament, Gaza
George Galloway Champions a Free Palestine
A Protest to Demand Humanitarian Aid for Gaza
Viva Palestina Supporters Protest Outside S.F. Egyptian Consulate
J Street/AIPAC Debate
Palestine-Israel Dialogue at New York City's Judson Memorial Church
Jerusalem Fund Explores "Clashing Visions" for Peace
Kashmir Peace Conference
Dr. John Nagl Sees Extended U.S. Involvement in Iraq
Prime Minister Maliki Emphasizes Iraq's Security
National Assembly Conference Seeks Expanded, Unified Antiwar Movement
New Yorkers Rally for Democracy in Iran
Ongoing Protests at Iranian Embassy in London
Encountering Iran Ignites Discussion and Dialogue in Des Moines
Egypt, U.S. Working "Together Toward a Better Tomorrow"

54 Arab-American Activism:

Encyclopedia of Arab American Artists Honored by Museum

54 Muslim-American Activism:

Thirty Thousand Attend ISNA's Annual Convention
Muslims Asked to "Answer the Call"
Government Outreach to the Muslim American Community
Culture and Politics: Strategies of Self-Empowerment
On the 4th of July, Protesters Call for Freedom for Muslim Prisoners

57 Other People's Mail

59 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

60 Book Review

Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner's Guide
—Reviewed by Adam Chamy

61 New Additions To The AET Book Club

71 Bulletin Board

72 2009 AET Choir of Angels

74 Publishers' Page

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