December 2011 Table of Contents

Telling the Truth for 29 Years…

Interpreting the Middle East for North Americans • Interpreting North America for the Middle East

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The U.S. Role in the Middle East and the Israeli Occupation of Palestine


8 Obama’s Speech to the U.N.: In Distorting the Facts He Revealed the TruthRachelle Marshall

12 28 Years: One Palestinian Prisoner’s StoryMohammed Omer

13 Inside the Mideast Prisoner SwapAli Abunimah

14 “Price Tag” or Pogrom? West Bank Settlers Now Running Amok in Israel as WellJonathan Cook

17 Washington Impaling Itself on the Horns of a Diplomatic DilemmaIan Williams

19 Neocons Blame Obama for Iraq DisasterRobert Parry

20 How Plausible Is the Alleged Iranian “Terror Plot”?—Two ViewsGareth Porter, Patrick Seale

24 Afghanistan: Ten Years of Aimless WarEric S. Margolis

25 What Lay Behind the Libya Intervention?William Pfaff

26 The Assassination of Anwar Al-Awlaki—Two ViewsPatrick Seale, Rep. Ron Paul

28 Republican Frontrunner Mitt Romney Touts Neoconservative Foreign PolicyJim Lobe

30 Congress Echoes Israel’s Near Hysteria Over Palestinians’ U.N. BidShirl McArthur

38 Go Palestine: An Extraordinary Summer Camp Behind the WallRamsey Langley

Special Reports

32 The Sins of Liam FoxJustin Raimondo

34 The Political Uses of Islamophobia in EuropeJohn Gee

40 Canadian War-Crimes ProfiteeringSean F. McMahon


5 Letters to the Editor

7 Publishers' Page

23 The World Looks at the Middle East—Cartoons

36 Other People's Mail

42 Northern California Chronicle: Gaza Kids’ Art Show a Smashing Success Despite Museum’s Attempt at CensorshipElaine Pasquini

44 Southern California Chronicle: Diana Buttu Addresses Palestine Children’s Relief Fund “Healing Hands” BenefitPat and Samir Twair

46 New York City and Tri-State News: Longtime Journalist Describes Iranians as Most Pro-American People in Middle EastJane Adas

49 Israel and Judaism: The Myth of an Israel-Centered “Jewish Vote”—and its Negative Consequences for Mideast PeaceAllan C. Brownfeld

52 Arab-American Activism:

Comedian Discusses U.S. Islamophobia, Comedy in Arab World

52 Muslim-American Activism:

CAIR’s Annual Fund-raiser a Huge Success
Jim Moran Headlines CAIR's Annual Fund-raiser
Omar ibn Sayyid: From Islamic Scholar to Slave and Back Again

54 Human Rights:

Share the Water, Build the Peace
Protest at L.A. Chinese Consulate

56 Music and Arts:

Chamy’s “Of Refuge, Of Home” Explores Family Myth and History
"Tennis in Nablus" Revives the Arab Revolt
Turkish Film "Three Monkeys" Screened in Washington, DC

58 Education:

Mideast Universities Face Challenge of Unemployed Graduates
CSU Middle East Studies Confab at Cal Poly Pomona

59 Waging Peace:

Panel Explores Egypt’s Changing Religious Climate
The State of the Egyptian Revolution
Hezbollah in the Wake of the Arab Uprisings
The Role of Youth in Ending the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
D.C. Rally Calls for End to U.S. Aid to Israel
U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation: Looking Back, Moving Forward
ANERA's Supporters Deliver
Dr. Saree Makdisi Delivers Palestine Center's 2011 Edward Said Lecture
Social Justice, Antiwar Activists Meet And "Occupy Iowa"
Wilson Center Event Examines Iran's Domestic and International Relations


68 Diplomatic Doings:


Saudi Arabia Celebrates 80th Anniversary

69 Bulletin Board

70 Book Reviews:

Israeli Rejectionism: A Hidden Agenda in the Middle East Peace Process
Zahra’s Paradise—Reviewed by Andrew Stimson

71 New Arrivals From the AET Book Club

72 2011 AET Choir of Angels

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