Book Reviews

Title Created Date
Outsiders at Home: The Politics of American Islamophobia September 25 2020
MBS: The Rise to Power of ­Mohammed bin Salman September 25 2020
Islam, Authoritarianism and ­Underdevelopment: A Global and Historical Comparison September 25 2020
Heritage and the Cultural ­Struggle for Palestine September 25 2020
Israel in Africa: Security, Migration, Interstate Politics August 10 2020
Death is Hard Work August 10 2020
Wrestling With Zionism: Jewish Voices of Dissent August 10 2020
We Are Not Here to Be ­Bystanders: A Memoir of Love and Resistance May 29 2020
Inside Arabic Music: Arabic Maqam Performance and Theory in the 20th Century May 29 2020
New Waw, Saharan Oasis May 29 2020
Promoting Democracy: The Force of Political Settlements in Uncertain Times May 29 2020
Two Thousand and One Syrian Nights April 08 2020
The Old Woman and the River April 08 2020
The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine: A History of Settler Colonial Conquest and Resistance, 1917-2017 April 07 2020
Paradigm Lost: From Two-State Solution to One-State Reality February 06 2020
The Parisian February 03 2020
The Movement and the ­Middle East: How the Arab-Israeli Conflict Divided the American Left February 03 2020
American Evangelicals & Modern Israel: A Plea for Tough Love December 07 2019
Blind Spot: America and the Palestinians, From Balfour to Trump December 07 2019
Stories My Father Told Me: Memories of a Childhood in Syria and Lebanon December 07 2019
Reclaiming Judaism From Zionism: Stories of Personal Transformation December 07 2019
Muhammad: Prophet of Peace Amid the Clash of Empires October 29 2019
Covenant Brothers: ­Evangelicals, Jews, and U.S.-Israeli Relations October 29 2019
Sophie Halaby in Jerusalem: An Artist’s Life October 17 2019
Rise and Kill First: The Secret History of Israel’s Targeted ­Assassinations September 20 2019
Our American Israel: The Story of an Entangled Alliance July 30 2019
Book Reviews: Scheherazade’s Feasts: Food of the Medieval Arab World June 17 2019
Jerusalem: The Home in Our Hearts February 12 2019
Book Review: Black Power and Palestine: Transnational Countries of Color December 15 2018
Book Reviews: To Save an Empire: A Novel of Ottoman History October 26 2018