Talking Turkey

Title Created Date
Turkish Women Unite Against Domestic Violence September 15 2020
Turkey’s Libyan Return July 20 2020
Trouble Brewing Beneath Turkey’s Frozen Politics April 21 2020
Turkish Local Elections Pose Challenge for The Opposition, as Well as for Erdogan February 11 2019
Talking Turkey: Turkey’s Violent Storms—Courtesy of Mother Nature, Ergenekon Trial November 26 2009
Talking Turkey: Istanbul: A Great European City July 10 2009
Pipeline, Pipeline, Who’s Got the Pipeline? Turkey’s Quest for Energy Significance November 22 2007
French Vote on Armenian Genocide Adds To Turkey’s Growing Anti-EU Sentiment December 05 2006
Bombing Campaign a Response to Ankara’s Kurdish Policies, or “Deep State” Plot? November 07 2006
Turkey’s “Deep State” Surfaces in Former President’s Words, Deeds in Kurdish Town January 31 2006
Talking Turkey: Obstacles and Optimism as Turkey Embarks on EU Accession Talks December 25 2005
Talking Turkey: Bumps in Road to EU Accession Expose Cyprus, Kurdish Potholes November 26 2005
Talking Turkey: U.S.-Turkey “Strategic Partnership” Still Shaky After Bush-Erdogan Meeting August 27 2005
Talking Turkey: Following December’s EU Summit, Turkey Forced to Reassess Issue of “Minorities” March 01 2005
Talking Turkey: As EU Decision on Turkey’s Application Nears, Both Sides Get the Jitters December 02 2004
Talking Turkey: Ankara Warns U.S. to Observe “Red Line” Around Northern Iraq’s Turkmens November 16 2004
Talking Turkey: Erdogan Visit to Tehran Evokes Ghosts of The Past, Foreshadows Future Potential October 16 2004
Talking Turkey: Release of Kurdish Parliamentarian Leyla Zana Ends Awkward Episode for Ankara September 24 2004
Do Arms Cutback, Description of Israel as “Terrorist State” Signal Change in Ankara? July 01 2004
Vote on Annan Plan Results in Reversal of Fortune for Turkish, Greek Cypriots June 29 2004
"Lists Scandal" Points to Decreasing Influence of Turkish Military May 24 2004
Erdogan's Third U.S. Visit Comes Closest To Being a Charm April 24 2004
Elections in Northern Cyprus Fail to Resolve Reuinification, EU Issues March 24 2004
Are Istanbul Bombings of Jewish, UK Targets Also "Al-Qaeda's Answer to Turkey"? January 07 2004
After a Year in Office, Turkey's Moderate Islamist Government Deserves Some Credit December 24 2003
Will Turkish Cypriots Oust Denktash in December Polls, Paving Way to Reunification? November 23 2003
Turkey's Generals Confront Restrictions at Home and Abroad October 23 2003
Turkey's "Red Lines," U.S. Raid in Northern Iraq Cause Further Strain in Relations September 23 2003
As EU Membership Beckons, Turkey's Military Faces Difficult Choice July 23 2003
Its Strategic Relationship With U.S. in Jeopardy, Turkey in Weaker Position Than Ever June 23 2003